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what your ovulation date was? if i count from ovulation day then it should be 6th week but its not so. As doc...i too have the same problem. Today i had ultrasound and the doc said i showing 6 weeks instead of 8...
That sounds normal... since you ovulated in the week after the 14th day of the cycle.    Are they concerned?
Book Review: Your Pregnancy Week by Week by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook for information, its week-by-week format would have been a real plus for me! Your Pregnancy Week by Week, by Glade... you fathers feel left out, it even has “Dad Tips” sprinkled throughout the book. Your Pregnancy Week by Week...
What is your average cycle length?   im just guessing that i ovulated 2 weeks after my period? How have you determined ovulation? Charting? Ovulation predictor kit? Ovuwatch? Ferning?
Thank you shouldnt as conception doesnt actually take place immediately after intercourse  and implantation a few days later
no you cannot get pregnant a week before you ovulate. If you have sex three days before, the day of and the day after ovulation that is what is considered to be your fertile window.
what is normal to you but also a way to know if something is out of sync what if i am not sure when i ovulate? 12-14 days from ovulation is generally the rule--- if you know when you ovulate ...
 My Periods were delayed by 2 months and my ovulation occured after about 58 days, And now i am i wud like to knw that this very late ovulation would in any way affect my pregnancy...
Progesterone Role During Pregnancy and Ovulation by Cathy T. Healthy Living Professional Progesterone Role During Pregnancy and Ovulation Article by Yalila Moreno Progesterone Role During Pregnancy and Ovulation – Health Search by Author, Title or Content Article...
Progesterone Levels After Ovulation Pregnancy by Cathy T. Healthy Living Professional Progesterone Levels After Ovulation Pregnancy Article by Barry Cubero One..., the ovulation test ought to be done within a week right after ovulation is indicated...

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Introduction ... ation into the wall of the womb, until approximately the eighth week of life, the developing baby is known as an embryo. Develop ... » Read on
How it works ... e injected into a muscle and are usually effective for up to 12 weeks, after which another injection is given. Most women stop m ... » Read on