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Ovulation Questions

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Depends on the bleed, the date of ovulation, and the kind of bleed that happened in what you believe to be your luteal phase.
Question 26. If I don’t have either PCOS or POF, then what is my problem and why am I not ovulating? by John David Gordon MD Medical Doctor , but nearly all women with FHA can undergo successful ovulation induction. As was discussed in the preceding question... correctly....bad recipe = bad eggs. So here is today's Question of the Day from the new and improved 2nd...
is no- you can't ovulate on your period and I'll explain here after I answer the first half of your question... of early ovulation (anything before CD 14).   I hope this answered your question. Feel free to drop...
Clomid Question by Dayzofrain Patient ExpertHealth Maven My mind is gone folks. Someone please remind me how long after last dose ovulation is supposed to occur?  I think its like a week right?? I am hoping so because that will give us a week before he goes...
you ovulate.  This time is most often two weeks but it can vary- influenced by stress, meds etc.  If your ovulation was delayed by a few weeks then you could have had sex in your fertile window- making your chances...
 My Periods were delayed by 2 months and my ovulation occured after about 58 days, And now i am i wud like to knw that this very late ovulation would in any way affect my pregnancy...
and i had the same flow.   another site gave me that date. ok so what is your question?   My question to you is how did you determine that you ovulated on 9 October?
think of it as one-sided since only one ovary should ovulate each month.  What really makes your question tricky is that what's sharp pain to you might be dull to someone else.  Likewise, what's painful...
a woman's fertile time is three days before, the day of, and the day after ovulation. Five days in all In this instance the window was 6 October-10 October   What is your question?
Ovulation Woes by John David Gordon MD Medical Doctor question is how could you ever leave the perfect climate of Palo Alto, but instead let’s talk about ovulation. Here is today’s “Question of the Day” from 100 Questions and Answers about Infertility: 21...

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Prevention ... ancer Stopping ovulation and the contraceptive pill ... » Read on
When it should be done ... nation is carried out when the woman is most likely to ovulate. Ovulation is when an egg is released during the menstrual cycle. ... » Read on