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Sharon LaMothe Seattle, Washington
Sharon LaMothe has been in the Infertility Industry since 1998 when she signed her first... More
Maxaser California
Are you looking for beauty products are the most innovative products to bring to your daily use,... More
robs723 Virginia Beach, Virginia
Hey Everyone!  Hey Everyone, 26 year old female, thyriod cancer and law school... More
Danielle A. Elwood is a Connecticut native, born and raised on the Connecticut shoreline in the... More
Patty .. Tucson, Arizona
Patricia Garza is a former elementary teacher who turned stay at home mom after the birth of her... More

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Question 60. My reproductive endocrinologist has recommended a protocol that uses birth control pills. Why would birth control p by John David Gordon MD Medical Doctor about Infertility, Second Edition... 60. My reproductive endocrinologist has recommended a protocol that uses birth control pills. Why would birth control pills be used in IVF? Birth control pills or, more correctly, oral...
More Birth Control Pill Recalls–Patient Found This Error with Pills in Bubble Pack in Reverse Order–The “Shitt by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven and get this going.  A few weeks ago Pfizer had their recalls with birth control pills. Glenmark Generics is issuing a nationwide recall of seven lots of birth control pills. The pills are labeled "norgestimate...
Birth Control Pill Recalls–Wrong Pills in Wrong Packages–No Bar Codes to Make It Easy to Identify Yet…. by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven drugs apparently didn't do enough quality testing. It's recalling a slew of birth control pills...
Birth Control Pill Not Good for Lean Muscle Mass by Dana Solof Patient Expert Watch CBS Videos Online Birth control pills have always been a subject of much debate for female athletes. It seems like it is the modern-day doctor’s answer to any irregularity in the menstrual cycle...
that you are not pregnant.   As far as birth control.  If you know when your fertile window is (five days total... have unprotected sex and hormonal birth control isn't necessary.   ...
with the 28-day birth control pills. Periods experienced on birth control pills (or pill periods) result... pill period. Is it okay to switch from another birth control pill to Seasonale? Yes... Best bet would be to test 14 days past ovulation... in this particular case... from when you had unprotected sex Yes I did - I took it on August 22 after the period...
Why Your Birth Control Pill May Not Be Working (And What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You) by Charlotte H. Patient Expert capsy freakout.) So what was all the hue and cry over? Birth control. They immediately assigned... and never have been but it’s the same hormones used in the regular birth control pill. And I’ve been a regular, if not...
Using Estro-Sense In Combination With The Birth Control Pill To Clear Acne by Fran K. Patient Expert I’ve already blogged a bit in the past about using the birth control pill to clear acne... can be used in conjunction with the birth control pill to help break down the estrogen in your body. This means a reduction...

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How it works ... ined pill contains both estrogen and progestogen. These prevent ovulation (the release of an egg from the ovary each month). The ... » Read on
Causes ... Abnormal operation of the hormones controlling ovulation and menstruation produced by the hypothalamus gland (w ... » Read on