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to four days before your period starts is about a week and a half from ovulation and the egg only survives...i had my period then two days later had protected sex. but after this the condom accidentaly drop...
were all over the place for the first 2 months and then they went to every 21 days. i am only on for about 3 to 4 days max... me.   Are your cycles regular? On average how long are they? Do you use any kind of ovulation detection method...
nope... if you are bleeding then you most definitely aren't ovulating and you are shedding your uterine lining. If you are pregnant then it wouldn't be from this particular session but from a few
if you ovulate on cycle day 25 and have a healthy luteal phase then your cycle wouldnt reset until the end of your normal luteal phase length. If you are ovulating and only have a four day luteal phase...
and i am wondering if i can still be pregnant .. even thow i had my period the  same about of days... to you is how did you determine that you ovulated on 9 October?
how did you determine when your ovulation date was?
Depends on the bleed, the date of ovulation, and the kind of bleed that happened in what you believe to be your luteal phase.
it doesn't matter how long your bleed it...the first day of your cycle is the day you get full red flow.   You'd have an extremely short cycle if you ovulated on cycle day 8... like 20 days
spotting & brown bleeding with some brown mucus/clots a few days before & after periods every month.... I had always had normal periods. They always lasted three days. Very little spotting before period started...
three days before your period so from that I gathered that you had a period and began a new cycle. As for when is the first half of your cycle is...that is the first day of full red flow (of your period) to the day...

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How it works ... ined pill contains both estrogen and progestogen. These prevent ovulation (the release of an egg from the ovary each month). The ... » Read on
How it works ... ptive patch stop your ovaries from releasing an egg each month (ovulation) which could then be fertilized by sperm. The combined ... » Read on