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Fertility Foibles California
I am a 36-year old woman who's tried for five years to get pregnant using both traditional and... More
Cristina D. California
I'm 267, 5'2" (158cm), married, and recently have lost a lot of weight. I was 165.4 lbs in... More
Jane A. New York, New York
I am an all-outdoors woman. I like to hike and camp and run and such, but on the other hand I love... More
mbrowning Mansfield, Ohio
I am a happily married 43 year old woman who is looking to find herself again and remember who she... More
Maria Uspenski is founder & CEO of The Tea Spot, where educating the public on ways to enjoy... More

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An Overweight Woman Knows About Self Control by Doctor of Philosophy Any woman who struggles with her weight knows that self-control is one the biggest issues--and self-control is always a balancing act. It's the short-term goal vs. the long-term goal every time...
Overweight Woman’s Diet Failures. The Dreaded Count. by Doctor of Philosophy , I’m just overweight, not obese. So I don’t qualify for surgery. Just an overweight woman, that’s...
The Overweight Woman and Stroke - A New Study by Doctor of Philosophy to 28.67, pushing overweight women ever closer to a 30 BMI, the point at which overweight changes.... What do these statistics mean? They mean that the risk factors are showing once again that being overweight carries risk...
An Overweight Woman has Two Sides to her Thinking by Doctor of Philosophy to you, maybe both ideas can come together in a way that lets you feel good, but not by staying overweight...? Does being overweight give you a sense that you' re substantial? Does eating too much reward you? Maybe...
If You Are an Overweight Woman, Should You Turn to Self-Help or Professional Help? by Doctor of Philosophy being overweight by turning to a self-help group or self-help materials such as books, the internet.... Being overweight is a tough nut to crack for many women. As with other stubborn problems, solving the weight issue...
Overweight Woman Wants Answer by Doctor of Philosophy by Maria' s Last Diet Dear Maria... I' ve never felt as helpless as I do at this moment. I' m overweight by 40 lbs, and I just can' t lose the weight. I' ve hit rock bottom. I know it' s time to put...
Here’s One Reason a Woman Can Become Overweight by Doctor of Philosophy do. This was set against the backdrop of a very talented woman, who could do lots of things...
Are You an Overweight Woman With a Weight Problem? by Doctor of Philosophy by Maria's Last Diet Do you really have a weight problem? Consider the way you eat, and your present weight. Did you ever stop to think about whether this eating and weight thing is really a problem for you - or just a pr
What If You Don’t Want to Do Anything About Being An Overweight Woman? by Doctor of Philosophy My body weight is something I don’t wish to discuss with you, so leave me alone. It has nothing to do with anything. It’s my concern, no one else’s. And if I eat too much instead of fulfilling myself in other ways, that
Hypothyroidism - How Your Thyroid Can Make You Sick, Tired and Overweight? by Mark Hyman, M.D. Medical Doctor patient who was 73 years old. This woman came to see me because she had been to her doctor with complaints... -- and all of her other symptoms cleared up. I had another patient who was a 28-year-old woman who was chronically constipated...

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Recommendations ... Body weight Women who are overweight or obese are more likely to need a Caesarean section, ... » Read on
Causes ... s is thought to be linked to having excess body fat. If you are overweight, or obese, the cells in your body become less respons ... » Read on