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cancerhat Minneapolis, Minnesota
My name is Patty and I'm a person who hates wearing hats, both literally and figuratively. Now I... More
David Barton Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I write about ski tips, instruction, travel, and performance.  I am a Level I certified... More
relaxing_results Danville, California
I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and member in excellent standing with the National Guild of... More
Lindsey Lewis California
I’m a yoga teacher, coach-in-training, retreat host, business woman, and entrepreneur. I... More
Facebook controls my life. Social media govern my days. Such is the fate of a social media and... More

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Blessings Make The World Go Round! Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Positive Psychologist comments. by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven with freedom, both inside and outside of yourself! ”     “May you be blessed with a disposition...
Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, discusses her positive psychology approach, THE ENCHANTED SELF and a great new book in positive psy by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven us. I developed The Enchanted Self as a positive psychology approach to work in the treatment room and outside...
Staying Safe Outside: The Essentials of Outside Safety by Dr. Daisy S. Doctor of Chiropracty to exercise outside, please keep the following tips in mind.  After all, your safety while exercising...:  Tell others where you are.  If you choose to exercise outside alone, it is critical that you let others know...
SUCCESS is Ninety-nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration! Dr. Harry A. Becker, Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein’s Dad by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven . Never give up. You can do it! Technorati Tags: childhood, Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, success ...
Amping Up Outside Care at Outside Lands by Sierra Club .. Patient Expert If you’re rocking out to Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, and Jason Mraz at the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival this weekend in San Francisco, the thirst you work up dancing might inspire a new...
symptoms seems to be just above my knee, on the outside surface of my leg. There are two possible causes....  Burning pain in upper outside thigh - starts at hip and goes down my leg.  Walking any distance...
on the outside of the corner of her mouth as well, so put some cortisone cream on that too.  By this evening...
Sunlight damages your skin!. The sad truth is that the tanning rays of the sun damage your skin. Putting on a low SPF sunscreen and then lying in a pool or using a reflector to get more exposure will have the same effect as
Hi Sassione13, I believe I have several of exactly the same little spots in the skin below my knees. Your description suits mine too... Kneeling on them brings excruciating local pain, but it doesn't affect the joints or bo
How did the heat pad method work out? I think i have the same problem as you now. This has helped calm me quit a bit. I was very worried and am eager to try the heat-pad method right away!  A sebaceous cyst (a form of trichil

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