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Lorraine D. California
Hi I am a mum of 3,1 girl ,2 boys I have bee married fof 16 years with a great man who has done so... More
gg Dallas, Texas
After two kids and hitting 40, I can no longer eat whatever I want without it catching up to... More
Al A. San Francisco, California
I'm a web designer/developer out of San Francisco, CA and recently decided to stop using my bum... More
hdluvr2 California
diagnosed with osteoarthritis at 34 right after having a hysterectomy with no previous... More

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Knees, Knees, Woe the Knees by RunnerDude Healthy Living Professional In two recent posts, I shared two main causes of knee pain for runners— Iliotibial Band Syndrome... if orthodics are in order. The sports doc can also help rule out other knee problems that might be causing...
It seems to me: 1. you overstressed the knee by the length of the exercise. 2. Ice is put... with your knee. Pay attention to the messages it sends you. And not just your knee, but your whole body. It's...
I think the larger question I'd have about a student athlete is why is she wearing two knee braces... strengthening and stabilizing her knee joints which she'll likely need for the next 7 decades of her living.     ...
A swollen leg is described medically as edematous.  This is due to fluid retention.  The higher up you retain fluid, the worse the situation.  I suspect the dent that you noticed in your thigh is due to excess fluid there.  B
The fact that you still have serious pain after four months indicates you have a very serious injury. Go see a doctor!
so I cycle and run alot.  I stated only having pain in my right knee whle cycling, but when I finished a marathon 2 weeks ago my right knee hurt while walking, going down and upstairs, pretty much at rest...
Knee injuries are common. My comments are general, and a visit to a sports doctor would be wise. Do stretches to strengthen your hips/groin, knees, quads. The stretches I do are here. Be sure...
Most likely your knee problem is caused by worn or wrong shoes, running on non-level streets... now. The stretches I do are here, but there are other good stretches. google on the three words running knee stretch...
I ride a bicycle and walk.  The swelling in my knees is always there.  My knees do not have pain... problem and the hard knot behing my left knee.  Thank you for your input. I'm not a physician and it's...
MakoPlasty Robotic Surgical Procedure for Knee Replacements And Stem Cells To Regrow The Knee With Animal Tissue by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven they have some regenerative medicine going on with using stem cells to where knee tissue is grown back.  This does not replace an entire knee but rather the cartilage area of the knee.   In addition stem cells are used for Meniscus...

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Introduction Knock knee is an abnormal distance between the ankles when the knees a ... » Read on
Causes ... ssure or a knock to the area. Bursitis is commonly found in the knee, and is often known as carpet-layers knee or housemaids kne ... » Read on