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Karla D. Athens, Georgia
My name is Karla. I'm a senior at UGA. I'm dying to get out and get active. I'm up for trying... More
I haven't always known joy. Haven't always taken 100% responsibility for my own happiness. In... More
Joseph Potocny Oceanside, California
I was born 11/17/1944, you do the math. I have been diagnosed with AD & FTD. I run my blog to... More
I began writing my blog just before my mother died of glioblastoma, a terminal form of brain... More
roggerbrown California
Some ketone premium research has found that giving children too much ketone premium reviews is... More

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Dr. Dean Ornish: The World Now Eats (And Dies) Like Americans by Meg W. Healthy Living Professional Please take 3 minutes to watch this video. According to Dr. Dean Ornish, we can change the obesity, cardiovascular and cancer epidemic by changing our diets and lifestyles.
Joy of Living v. Fear of Dying by Dave K. So many diets and books try to scare people into making healthier choices by telling them what diseases they will get if they don't make better choices. Dr. Ornish's approach focuses on the joy...
Men with recurring prostate cancer not dying from prostate cancer by DiseaseProof Medical Doctor have a 16% lifetime chance of being diagnosed with prostate cancer, but only a 3% chance of dying from it.[1... attempted to figure out how biochemical recurrence affected risk of dying from prostate cancer. Six hundred...
"The World Now Eats (And Dies) Like Americans by Kristen S. Patient Expert Ornish says. The good news? These trends are preventable and even reversible through diet and exercise. Check out Dr. Ornish's 3-minutetalk here. Go Vegan!
The Atkins Diet Plan Didn’t Die, It Was Murdered (a follow-on to Is the Tide Turning on Low Carb?) by Low Carb Confidential !. Patient Expert beating out The Zone, the Ornish diet (low fat, high carb), and even U.S. guidelines (low fat, high carb..., Ornish dieters lost 5 pounds and U.S. guideline dieters lost almost 6. But the study designer...
Die, die, die, my darling by LunaNik Patient Expert Have you ever seriously contemplated murdering your spouse? I haven't...until today. I think strangling him would work nicely. No...poison...poison would be better. He's too strong for me to stran
Dying with dignity –sometimes dying at home isn't a good choice by Jennifer J. Patient Expert With all I have seen, all my client experience, I have come to the conclusion that dying..., this is the case. You can read many obituaries that state such, 'died peacefully at home...
TRY TO DIE LIVING NOT LIVE DYING by TRIGUYJT Patient Expert . Arthur had a quote I love. "I'd rather die living, than live dying" I think that sums... on Daryl Kollai, who at age 53 last year died on a training bike workout. Live your life to the edge...
Grace Lee Won Right to Die but Dies from Non-deliberate Cause by Thaddeus Pope Doctor of Philosophy Grace Lee, who had a very public court battle , in October, with her parents over her right to die, has died , apparently due to a ventilator malfunction.
Bulgaria's Dying Black Sea and The Fish Dying In It by NatashaCall Patient ExpertFacebook Fish Increasingly Extinct in Bulgaria's Dying Black SeaEnvironment | May 21, 2010, Friday Half of the 80 species of fish in the Black Sea have become extinct as a result of pollution. Photo...

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