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UlricHolman California
I've been operating as an Android application developer for quite some time now and I am... More
Elizabeth Rex California
I am residential care provider of a profoundly autistic child. I acquired my M.Ed. in Special... More
Clueless C. La Palma, California
I am interested in psychology, my own psychological healing, eating healthy, and getting back in... More
KennethHolder California
.Net development has been my job for some time currently. Nowadays, the existing tools and... More
possibleologist California
I have 2 sons, our second son is a child with special needs who was diagnosed with Cerebellar... More

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The Three Ingredients Needed to Raise a Successful Child by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook -confidence (“I’m good”), feel accepted, be successful, and establish great character traits. Gary M. Unruh... character? A think-tank study* reveals the secret: tough love is made of three ingredients -- a confident...
5 Character Traits that Make You Happy by MarcAndAngel Patient Expert by Ken Wert of Meant to be Happy Character is not the only characteristic of happiness... from or add to the level of happiness we experience at any given time.  But character is still one...
The Weight Loss Process and What It Does to Your Character Traits by Doctor of Philosophy yourself and what you have to do in very broad terms, as if these are character traits of yours that you will be using to facilitate weight loss... make the mistake of thinking that if you don’t live up to your character trait, you are doing something wrong...
What Character Trait Do You Need To Develop? by Michele W. Patient Expert , the author, Mary Englund Murphy, suggests we pray and ask the Lord to reveal a character trait that we need... quality! It’s sad but funny – One of my character traits that I need to develop is to be CONSISTENT. Well...
7 Sexy Character Traits of Happy People by MarcAndAngel Patient Expert these seven character traits of happiness (and therefore sexiness): Happy people stand up for what’s right... abs.  The most enduring form of sexiness is the most endearing trait and the clearest mirror of the human soul: happiness...
Your Child Character Development by Angeline Patient Expert and I, we are more concerned about our child’s character development. For kids at 5, it is very easy for them to ‘pick...* How important is Your Child’s Character Development to you? ...
Do the characters in children’s fiction help with a child’s social development? by Laurachora Patient ExpertFacebook Sponsored post Great fiction offers every reader a chance to identify with a character..., seeing the world primarily from their own point of view. However, fictional characters still offer...
You’re Not the Boss of Me: Brat-Proofing Your 4- to 12-Year-Old Child (Book Review) by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook how this book focuses not on punishing bad behavior but rather on cultivating positive character traits... traits in your child and, ultimately, busting through the brattiness. Visit
Should a Sickle Cell Trait Carrier Marry Someone with Sickle Cell Disease? by Tosin Ola Registered NurseHealth Maven : My genotype is SS and my fiance is AS. I love this girl very much because of her character. I intend to marry... into me as a child, that I had to look for an AA to that my kids would all be AS. But I realized a few...
Character is Key Book Review – what was I thinking? by Cathy T. Patient ExpertHealth Maven – and yourself.  Get started today! Exactly WHICH character traits are covered? It is pretty hard to argue with these 11... A book on character.  I swear.  What was I thinking?  ” free book...

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Causes ... it one of the mutated genes are known as having the sickle cell trait. Their bodies make both normal and sickle shaped blood cel ... » Read on
Introduction ... f mild anemia. This condition is known as the alpha thalassemia trait. If two people with the alpha thalassemia trait have a chi ... » Read on