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Ummm . . . you only have one what?  One breast?  Why?  Breast cancer?  Your breast... then.  Your breast could also become swollen & tender if you were lactating but then developed mastitis
I am so sorry, you are having to deal with this again. It is never normal to bleed from your nipples. I strongly suggest you see your doctor as soon as you can.  It may be nothing, but it definately need to be looked at Go
Generally a darkening of the areola will happen in the normal course of hormones rising and falling- but the darkening happens with pregnancy as well. In all it isn't a reliable indicator in and of itself
13 (hilarious but useful) Tips No One Will Tell You About Prepping For Pregnancy [Plus some legit ones too! Experts and everythi by Charlotte H. Patient Expert about how to prepare for pregnancy for Shape mag’s site. I got to talk to a bunch of experts about lady business, one... over there . But if you want the advice for prepping your body for pregnancy that no one will tell you, well that’s why I’m...
The "Squidworth's Nose" deformity : Does breast feeding make your breasts sag? by Dr. Robert O. Medical Doctor one pregnancy, and most of the mothers--58 percent-- had breastfed at least one child. Also evaluated... did affect breast sagging, including age, the number of pregnancies, and whether the patient smoked...
The tests come back negative because you aren't pregnant. If you were four months you'd be showing or at the very least showing hCG in your blood.   I'd suggest you look to other possibilities so that you can find out wha
pregnant on my own could have different side effects than that of an IVF pregnancy. My breasts are tender... them and not sure if i should even do that. Not yet, i figured it might be too soon. I have had 2 pregnancies...
which means you are in a new cycle.  Tell me about the cycle previous to this one ...
Breast Tenderness During Pregnancy? by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine themselves. In fact, some occur even before she misses her first period. Breast tenderness is one of the most common... in their breasts as early as one week after ovulation. In fact, this early symptom tends to occur...

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