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Jif California
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StephanieArango California
Intro: My name is Stephanie and I'm currently attempting to run a marathon in 50 states (in... More
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Vicki P. California
im 32 and 39 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby

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Symptoms can arise for many months following a head injury. Stay in touch with your treating physician and report any new problems when they arise.
considerably i doubt that i'm pregnant as well just because i last had intercourse about a month ago... a recent one March 14,2010. I don't know what's going on. I have no been stressing, worrying or...
The Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge 2012--Day One by Angel .. Patient Expert to write for Day One. I'm sure the following month will be filled with my feelings about what's going... who have been pregnant, you know when you're like ready to pop and the baby pushes their head (or butt) out so far...
Why Does My Tummy Look Four Months Pregnant Every Night? [6 Tips for Beating Belly Bloat] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert a 5-months-pregnant lady. It’s super annoying and not just because that means I have to time any full-body.... And one of the symptoms of PCOS is bloating. I hate hormones. (And yes I’ve read “What Your Doctor Won’t...
That one time I propositioned a total stranger, right in front of my husband, while 8 months pregnant. by thisfullhouse Patient Expert It's here, it's here! It's April 1st, time to turn those calendars (HARD!) and kick-off a fresh, new month with a blogging challenge, yes?!? Especially, since I sort of triple-dog dared my friend...
Hi, I am also a little over 5 weeks pregnant.  I found out I was pregnant after my progesterone..., and the digital test said I was pregnant.  I felt really pregnant that day, but also experienced some cramping...
I would say that having sex everyday maybe even twice a day without protection then you have the same chance of being pregnant as any one else- about 25%.   If you don't want to be pregnant
? last month what seem like my period did'nt fell like it u know what i mean it came for 2days heavy... me i was prefectly fine that if i didnt get my period this month on the october 27 till sunday i was more likly...
.  With a litigation  the risk is of an etopic pregnancy (one that implants outside the womb) which is more often than not dangerous.   If you feel as though you may be pregnant then I would suggest taking a home...
Okay, well im goin to the doc next week sometime ill keep ya updated If you are on cycle day 19 with a 28 day cycle then it really is too early to be testing and getting an accurate result. 19 i believe Where are you right no

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Treatment ... wed with your doctor, or asthma nurse, at least once a year, or more frequently if your symptoms are severe. As part of you ... » Read on
Treatment ... , and answer any questions you may have. They will also closely monitor your condition in order to identify any other health pro ... » Read on