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Ginni D. Sunnyvale, California
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to conceive but without success for at least 12 months.  In fact, as long as you're menstruating regularly...
the submit button. What was the base number and at what point were you in your cycle (like cycle day--- counting from the first day of full red flow for this cycle).   (FYI: all caps in the internet world...
I would if my husband was not fixed but since he is, I highly doubt it. are you thinking you are pregnant?
it takes up to a year (they say) from your last shot for your body to recover.  For some women it takes less time ... for others longer.    Are you tracking your cycles? Do you know if and when you ovulate?
If the tests came back negative as soon as that then I'd suggest calling your physican and scheduling a p4(progesterone test) be done (and proabably they'll do a hCG as well). 
At this point in time your uterus wouldn't be growing enough to cause itching- it is hardly noticable actually if you were pregnant at this time.   23 days from your last period would  put...
when you ovulate and the quality of cervical fluid.   Generally speaking- no a woman cannot get pregnant the day after she stops bleeding.  There is only about a five day window (3days before, day of, and day after ovulation
Ummm . . . you only have one what?  One breast?  Why?  Breast cancer?  Your breast can become swollen & tender in response to estrogen.  But I would expect you to notice this cyclically...
.   With that said, you still need to use at least one form of contraception (two is even better w/both barrier & hormonal...
Yes it is possible to get pregnant if you have sex right after your period, reasons is that if you have a short cycle, you would ovulate right at the end of your period or during your period. Generally It is unlikely that

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