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mom2scared California
mom of seven two of my own.....34yrs old oldest 15 youngest 6
Kdeanda California
I'm a mother of a 8yr old boy and a 2yr old girl. I'm married for 4 wonderful years.I also... More
Jessica231 California
I'm a mom of one 6 yr. old boy and soon to be a mom of another one.Just found out I was having a... More
Tim H. New York, New York
I took a long and winding professional road through criminal justice, counseling, and publishing... More
Joanne Star California
Hi Everyone! I am 64 yrs. old.I love working with people to help them get back to health... More

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Dry-Spice a simple flavor Savor for all Your Spices New and Old! by Amanda Patient Expert Finally someone has come up with a miracle for your spice rack and really any dry product you may have in your kitchen.  Dry-Spice is a small cube like canister you simply drop into your spice jar/canister or...
The only man capable of taking on Chuck Norris is back!!! OLD SPICE GUY! by Jamie C. Patient Expert The Old Spice Guy is back!!  Are you excited?  Have you seen his man muscles make hilarity ensue? I think not. You must.  Dr. Mike met the Old Spice Guy .  It is the only time Old Spice Guy
Old Spice Man meets Dr. Mike by Jamie C. Patient Expert Old Spice Man is so awesome, even Chuck Norris says he is awesome.  It this episode of Dr. Mike, the Old Spice Man dawns a shirt for the first time in his life (no shirt, no shoes, no service
What do Samuri Jack, Chuck Norris, Brock Sampson, and the Old Spice Guy have in common? by Jamie C. Patient Expert What do Samuri Jack, Chuck Norris, Brock Sampson, and the Old Spice Guy have in common? They all need EXCELLENT health care.  Things like: Personal Health Records Robotic Surgery Dr. Mike
Old Spice Body Wash Dry Skin Defense – Look at the Label by Sarah B. Patient Expert for a manly, moisturizing body wash you can buy Old Spice Dry Skin Defense using our link and you’ll... Here’s one for the guys: the #2 best selling beauty product on this week is an Old...
FitLinks: The Old Spice Guy’s Diet, Winter Hydration & More! by Fit Bottomed Girls Patient Expert you to hydrate up this winter. Oh, and we promise you’ll never look at the Old Spice guy the same way... and weirdest weight-loss trends of 2010.  —Shape Magazine Dude, the Old Spice Guy is hard core...
How the Old Spice Videos Are Being Made by Genevieve .. Patient Expert via Silver-fish hand catch! LOVE this social media campaign. Posted via email from’s Posterous
Whole Wheat Pumpkin Spice Muffins by Jenna .. Healthy Living Professional scented candles while I bake pumpkin mac & cheese and pumpkin scones at the same time... to share this one recipe with you! Pumpkin spice muffins. A total classic. Why am I sharing a muffin recipe...
What I’m Reading: Spice: The History of A Temptation by Scott K. Patient Expert ) The alluring smell of spices also have religious significance, thought to of course be the scents of heavens...”- a gradual cooling down and drying out. Old age could be delayed by offsetting the diet with warming spices...
Cinnamon: The Flu, Fungus & Bad Breath-Fighting Spice of Life by Tera W. Patient Expert – - by Liza Bliss You make think of sugar and spice and everything nice when the familiar name of “cinnamon... in preventing Cancer Remedy for physical pain and arthritis The spice most of us love the aroma...

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