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cherry Glasgow, UK
Hi, I'm 49 and live in glasgow scotland,  i have lived with chronic ocular migraine for 30... More
ballardvision Nashville, Tennessee
Dr. Ballard has been practicing in the Nashville/Brentwood area since moving here from his home... More
rawyogi Los Angeles, California
I am a holistic health coach who created a creative and synergistic business, combining all... More

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Boy Loses Sight Due to Cancerous Tumors in His Eyes – USC Trojan Football Players Honored His Last Wish To Practice and Work Out by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven This is a heart breaker and nice he was able to make his last wish before being blind come true.  He had tumors behind his eyes and at a young age lost one eye and after fighting cancer many times with the other eye, the la
I'm sorry no one had an answer for you but I at least wanted to check on you and see how things went. Are you and the baby alright? My thoughts are with you and I hope things have turned out alright for you. Big hugz.
Toxic Kisses by Matthew Z. Patient Expert Having survived cancer at a young age gave me a new set of eyes so to speak. I will never look at things the same. The way I treated my body, the foods I eat, right down to what I put on my skin. You know, some of the free
Will Ferrell Sunscreen by Katherine B. Patient Expert If I didn't see it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it. Even then I was not convinced until I actually verified it somewhere else but this is for real. Will Ferrell has teamed up with Cancer for College, a group th
Other than the cancer I'm fine thanks by Katherine B. Patient Expert Yesterday I had an eye exam that included having my eyes dilated. The appointment was late in the afternoon and I thought to myself that it would be nice because it would be getting dark and I wouldn't be blinded by the lig
Communication That Matters by Jennifer Bunker Patient Expert I so badly want to sit down with another person who has cancer, look into their eyes and have a meaty, meaningful discussion about their experience. I am so sick of the platitudes and the nonsense things that some people a
Drug May Slow Spread Of Deadly Eye Cancer by Ed H. Doctor of Pharmacy A drug commonly used to treat seizures appears to make eye tumors less likely to grow if they spread to other parts of the body, according to researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Their fin
Somatic mutations in cancer and genetic syndromes by Dr. Ramunas J. Medical Doctor s. and stands for lentigines, ECG anomalies, ocular hypertelorism, pulmonic stenosis, abnormal...
Nitisinone for Treatment of Oculocutaneous/Ocular Albinism and for Increasing Pigmentation by ), pigment is lacking in the eyes, skin and hair. In ocular albinism, only the eyes lack pigment. Patients... tyrosine plasma concentrations in patients suffering from oculocutaneous albinism or ocular albinism...
Pesticide exposure and lymphoid neoplasms by Annet Lenderink Patient Expert of lymphoid neoplasms (LNs) in men in a hospital based case-control study in France. The results are based.... Occupational exposure to pesticides and lymphoid neoplasms among men: results of a French case-control study...

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Causes ... ulk of the tissue behind the eye socket (orbit) that forces the eyeball forward. This occurs most commonly as a result of t ... » Read on
Treatment ... rbital decompression). This allows material that is pushing the eyeballs forward to go down into the space below, the maxillary ... » Read on