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Occasional Vertigo

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Severe migrainous vertigo responds to steroids by Dr. Alexander Mauskop Medical Doctor Migrainous vertigo seems to respond to intravenous infusion of a high dose of corticosteroids... had intermittent episodes of severe vertigo and two had chronic vertigo.  All four respond to infusions of 1 gram...
Can Sleep Problems Cause Benign Positional Vertigo? by Dr. Steven P. Medical Doctor A few days after my 3rd son Brennan was born, I suffered from classic benign positional vertigo....   Benign Positional Vertigo (or BPV) is a well-described inner ear condition that otolaryngologists...
Neck Pain and Vertigo? Consider Nonsurgical Cervical Decompression Therapy by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty cervical spinal decompression patients complained of vertigo, dizziness and the usual arm and neck pain... years! She comes in for an occasional tune-up and massage once a month. Previous to her starting...
Vertigoey... by Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven I am still experiencing the occasional bout of vertigoor at least that is what I think... in the brain is going downwhich is goodbut the vertigo is still happeningso it would seem to not...
hi, i have been diagnosed with BPPV benign paroxysmal positional vertigo which is caused by debris... can be very effective with headaches and vertigo; those are among the things we most commonly treat. Your acupuncturist...
Some of your symptoms are those of anxiety, but some are not. While vertigo may be a component, I'm not sure it is the primary cause. I think you need to have a full medical examination with blood...
It certainly possible that these headaches (are they one-sided and throbbing?) are Migraines. Like Teri said, the black spots could be part of the aura. Her odds of having Migraine disease is enhanced because she has relative
These kinds of problems can be difficult to diagnose because both physical and behavioral factors can come into play. The first step is to keep a journal of what your pup eats every day--including anything other than the same
I can't comment on a possible purely physical cause, jennigens. The tests you've had seem to have covered the most likely physical causes. It is not uncommon for people with anxiety to either unconsciously vary respiration w
Sounds like you may have an injured salivary gland. The mouth is lined with thousands of small salivary mucous glands that lubricate the oral surfaces.  Sometimes the openings of these glands become injured so that the glandu

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