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Numbness Left Side Of Foot

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So I assume you've had no trauma to the toe or foot.  Any diabetes?  High sugar is notorious for damaging the nerves to the feet.  Lack of vitamin B12 can do the same.  Offhand, I can't think...
your question regarding the big lump and swollen foot?  If the pain is such that you can't walk or bear weight....  If you can't move your toes, ankle, knee, etc, then you need a medical evaluation.  If your leg and/or foot...
(DEXA or DXA) and checking your 25OH vitamin D level.  Also depending upon where the pain in your foot...
Thorn in My Side, Er, Foot by Fit Bottomed Girls Patient Expert that there were still pieces left in my foot, I went—and by "went" I mean "gimped" because I could barely walk—to my doctor who numbed my foot and removed the remaining pieces. Again, I won't go into the icky details, but when I left...
P.Ravi Kumar, Are you also getting numbness and tingling into the fingers and hands? What about muscle weakness in the biceps and other related muscles?  It could be a cervical radiculopathy.
My Left Foot! by Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven I haven't seen that movie, but I heard it was good! Yesterday I mentioned that my left foot... noticing that I have more sensitivity in my left foot! And it is moving better! I don't think I mentioned...
No more counting left-foot-steps when I run by Allen Patient ExpertHealth Maven and walking), and I've been counting the number of times my left foot hits the ground while I run or walk to "measure" the length of each phase. However, continually counting left-foot-steps is tedious...
My left foot is feeling "weaker" and is becoming painful by Allen Patient ExpertHealth Maven In past posts, I've mentioned that my left foot felt "weak" after long runs. That condition is getting worse. The "weak" feeling starts at about 8 miles, and by 10 miles, my foot is starting to feel...
I definitely agree. Hate to say it, but I've been dealing with foot injuries for a while now and you do not want to let it go unchecked! Good luck See a sports doctor asap to check you for a stress fracture.
Is it red and inflammed? Have you undergone any xrays?  It is common to have foot pain with RA. What you can do is pain management with heat or ice packs. A physio can help you with the right stretches and physical...

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