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Health Tips from DukeNukem by Pat S. Patient Expert (Posted by Patrick Sullivan Jr.) That's right, DukeNukem himself is a customer, dare I say..., I realized that Scott Miller is the creator of DukeNukem -- one of the most popular video games of all time...
I Love Beach Volleyball! by Stephanie B. I must confess, I am terrible at volleyball...actually, any sport that involves a ball is one that I am pretty much guaranteed to suck at. Yet, there's nothing like going out to the beach with a group of friends and digging y
Volleyball… Is it just a game? by Sherri W. Patient ExpertHealth Maven I’m here to tell you about a team of girls who play volleyball in east Tennessee They are playing in the state tournament this week their goal is simple :  play with heart and refuse to be beat. They have a game plan emphasiz
Who'da Thunkit? by Erica P. Registered NurseHealth Maven So a funny story. Hayley, last week, made her school's volleyball team (applause, wild cheering) and we're pretty excited about that since she's gotten really good over the past few years and is fun to watch. But any
ME/CFS Charity Volleyball Fundraiser by Sue J. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Want an opportunity to help ME/CFS research from your couch or bed? This lovely young woman from George Washington University whose aunt has CFS has set up a charity volleyball tournament to raise money for ME/CFS research.
Top 5 Reasons to Join a Volleyball Team by C.L. R. 1. Back to basics. When we get older, we tend to forget all the team spirit they tried to instill in us back in school. Joining a volleyball team can improve your communication and 'got your back' skills - improving you in ot
stilts huh?. thats a good point ben... stilts would make for some pretty good volleyball shoes for me.... cuz of the whole, short thing... (but then again, if you put on AAANNY sort of SHOES in the office, i think we'd ALL be
Volleyball books by Lisa G. Here is a list of good volleyball books to check out: * Beginning Volleyball (Beginning Sports) - * Coaching Volleyball * Coaching Volleyball Successfully * Karch Kiraly's Championship Volleyball - The captain of the Olym
Playing volleyball and basketbal ... by Annet Lenderink Patient Expert Playing volleyball and basketball has a positive association with the onset or worsening of jumper’s knee. Other risk factors are training and playing hours of at least 12 hours per week and/or in combination with weight
Crawling Out of The Dark by Lizzie L. Healthy Living Professional Today I went to my daughter’s volleyball game.  It is Saturday and usually Saturdays are spent held up in my bed waiting for the depression and anxiety to lift.  I was actually bathed with teeth brushed and clean clothes. 

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