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Dominique Tulsa, Oklahoma
Dominique is an Air Force Vet who is a part-time freelance writer, and is also, a prolific... More
peytonsparents California
My name is Peyton and I am a little girl with a lot of attitude! I was born with a rare genetic... More
hsofpearland California
I'm HealthSource of Pearland, 10223 W. Broadway, St. C., Chiropractor providing complete... More
kennethhill25 Tucson, Arizona
As a compensation analyst I articipates in salary surveys, and analyzes data from survey sources... More
Tina M. San Francisco, California
Tina lives in the Mission District in San Francisco, CA and is a postdoctoral fellow in the Taylor... More

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How often are you coughing? Often a cough during pregnancy is a symptom of an illness, such as allergies or a cold.  Do you have any other symptoms? The bubbling feeling when you cough is normal.  A lot...
It can be a "normal" outcome after a night of drinking, however it is not "normal" in terms of health. To avoid unfavorable / unhealthy outcomes from drinking, a person should maintain moderate (safe...
If the pain is severe then I would suggest you make an appointment with your physican.    From what I have heard though- stopping in the middle of the pack may very well confuse your body into thinking it needs to begin a
that could also be attributed to the progestrone shift that is apart of every cycle    
Thats how most of my Day 3's are to be very honest with ya but it has always been that way- was that way with my mom and my sister as well.   If it isn't normal for you then you are well...
Hello there, thank you so much for your comments, very helpful :) Hello Sharon, Somen women complain of occasional bloating and also tightness. These tend to get better over time. If you constantly look and feel bloated thi
Best to review the materials you received before your procedure and then talk to your gynecologist or whoever performed said procedure.  That's the best way to determine what's normal and what's not...
if I had heartburn.  He said that the acid from my stomach was causing the sore throat and ear pain.  I started... and having an endoscopy.  I have had the same symptoms for years. It turned out that a valve in my stomach was not...
looks better at times but it is still not normal.  Lastly, as recent as today, nothing came out when I ejaculated.  I can have sex like normal, and can orgasm, but nothing comes out.  I have also experienced...

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Causes ... tomach, and your stomach takes longer than normal to dispose of stomach acid. ... » Read on
Causes ... gularly overeat then your stomach will have to work faster than normal, breaking down all the extra food, which can lead to more ... » Read on