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Taking Heart Heartland, Indiana
Believer, Wife, Mom, Sister, Friend, OB Nurse. I love my husband, my kids, my family, my... More
PureWhiteNoise Tallahassee, Florida
Rachel C. Atlanta, Georgia
Nearly 18 years ago, I did not understand what sounds meant to me. Every morning for the first few... More
EmmyKate California
I sometimes feels overwhelmed by the world. Sites and sounds can make me jumpy. When a class is... More
cindylou California
My name is Cindy I am 41, a mother of 3 and about a year ago I was diagnosed with... More

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Oh, The Noise, Noise, Noise, NOISE by Carmen Patient Expert . Did I mention the whistling? By about, oh, 8 p.m. - I start to feel like The Grinch. The NOISE. There's no purpose to this post, I'm just saying - it's noisy over here, yo. It might be a happy noise - and it sure...
with the noise pollution issues as less noise is present and if you persist he will learn to equate less noise... about it in the mean time. Kids go through so many weird phases and no two are the same. Babies love noise...
. It is usually described as a ringing noise, but in some patients it takes the form of a high pitched whining, buzzing... noises. Tinnitus is also a side-effect of some oral medications, such as aspirin, and may also result...
There are many conditions that can cause a dog to cough, from parasites to infections and everything between, and some of these can be passed on to her puppies. So the best thing would be to have her examined by your veterina
Be sure she does stretches to strengthen her hips and knees. Here are the ones I do. Her team should have access to a sports doctor who can check her out and suggest further treatment.  
Natalie Portman helps make a noise by Plantarian Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook Natalie Portman Hears ' A Powerful Noise' - Socialite Life Natalie Portman Hears A Powerful Noise - Socialite Life Celebrity NATALIE Portman stepped forward to promote a women's rights film...
Noise Pollution is Environmental... by Starre V. Patient Expert Noise Pollution is Environmental Pollution What’s more annoying than a crying baby? Ruder... to challenge me anew. And it’s a battle I rarely win. If noise pollution is environmental pollution...
Loud noise exposure related to acoustic neuroma by Annet Lenderink Patient Expert To investigate possible associations between risk of acoustic neuroma and exposure to loud noise...) of residence at the time of the case diagnosis. Acoustic neuroma was found to be associated with loud noise...
I'm getting better at running with minimum noise, and at gliding by Allen Patient ExpertHealth Maven , slap, slap sound as my toes hit the ground). I did, though, hear a new noise that I hadn't noticed before -- a scraping noise. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I shuffle when I run. The scraping noise...
What is a Yacker Tracker – Ask Kaiser About Noise Control in Hospitals by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven data today, but add noise to the list too.  It looks very similar to a traffic signal... that they can't sleep because it's too noisy.  It's a Yacker Tracker. The noise meter, installed last August...

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