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No Two Word Phrases By 24 Months

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backbones Perth, AU
I'm Joanna, I'm 18 and I have suffered from clinically diagnosed anorexia nervosa for 5 years. I... More
Health Trainer Dubai, AE
We assist you in fulfilling your health and fitness goals speedily. Our professional team of... More
Jane D. California
I'm almost 52 live in New Zealand, and am married to a a Pharmacist. I have amrried son of 27 and... More
mysonseczema California
I'm a work at home mother of two. One with eczema, food alleriges, and asthma. One with mild... More
Annie South Lebanon, Ohio
Hello,   I am a simple, sweet, mid-western, gifted, multi-tasking, barefoot, country... More

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Wordless Wednesday: 275 Pounds Lost in Two Years, Two Months, and A Day. by Roni N. Patient Expert This warrants a FEW words… Click here to meet the amazing Sean, A fellow weight loss blogger that journaled his entire weight loss. Listen to the amazing story of how he started and the plan he devised...
Losing 16lbs in a two month period is relatively easy to do with My 11 Day Diet, as the basic... like white bread. Aim for more veggies, fruits, and grains. Aim for low glycemic foods. Google the words...
120+ words by Melanie R. Patient Expert I haven't been writing much lately, but I have been dilligently tracking every word that Peas utters on the sidebar of my blog. He is consistently putting two word phrases together and coming...
Words, words, and more words by RK Patient Expert Braska has taken off with her speech in the last month. She's been mimicking, for the last few months, everything that's said, in person, on TV, in the store, etc. But now she's using the words...
  “What if”? These are two words... by Kim F. Patient Expert   “What if”? These are two words that I’d actually pay money to have removed from my vocabulary..., each headache or moment of dizziness, each time I experience cog-fog and mix up a word or two, each time my eyes...
Cement head and closure… two “C” words I love. by Amy .. Patient Expert dancing. In fact, I had only just started a month   before my birthday. The night of my birthday... every ounce of my being saying “yes” before he even spoke a word. He went on to tell me he had arrived...
A Word (or two, or 1000) about Craigslist by Shelley Patient Expert just as they were (I LOVE those knobs!  The paint chipped away just adds to the charm) but the two bail pulls... that I have accumulated in the past several months as an avid Craigslist junkie (now reformed, by the way...I don't allow...
two little words (revisited) by stairstepmom Patient Expert and... to type the words I typed an amazing 5 months ago on the first day of September when we still hoped to travel in October... NEXT MONTH we will hopefully either bring Emerson home or be in Serbia working toward that end
Two Words: Chocolate Granola by Alisa Fleming Patient Expert in groceries and more! I received some sad news at Attune Foods last month. Their chocolate probiotic granola...: “Next month, could you make a chocolate granola re …” Me: “Hells yeah!” Okay, I didn’t really respond...
521 Words +++ and New Phrases by Lily's Dad Patient Expert with the inventory after a child is 30 months.  There are still at least 50+ words Lily does not know.  Lots of the prepositions, pronouns, verbs, and words about time.   She has learned many of fun phrases recently.  Not sure...

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