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Bella C Bay Area, California
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birth trauma's impact on breastfeeding by Kim C. Patient Expert A recent study backs up what we already knew...traumatic birth can impact research study: “Impact of Birth Trauma on Breastfeeding – A Tale of Two Pathways,” which appears...
Would You Return to Work within an Hour of Giving Birth? by BreastFeedingMums .. Patient Expert , "Would you return to work within an hour of giving birth?" Of course, although one mother did, what the paper...,  Mama Milk: A Breastfeeding Mum's Story , it's just one of the issues I recount...
Hello Brenda,   No birth control pills are 100% effective. It is certainly possible you are pregnant. The next step to help you answer the question would be a pregnancy test.   Al Link and Pala...
if you have PCOS (which can cause irregular cycles that annovulatory) then that might be an explination.    Cycles in those with PCOS can sometimes run for months before medication is needed to begin a new cycle.  I would
How long were you on BC? Are you under or over the age of 35? Are you charting? Using OPK's?  I would suggest you go to your doc and see what he says.  He may have a blood draw done to determine if you are pregnant...and
Why did you take it during your period? A woman is only fertile in a very small window of her cycle.. since a period is your body shedding the lining then you are not fertile during that time
you can get pregnant while on birth control if it hasn't been taken as perscribed...   but if you get your period then you probably aren't pregnant Best bet would be to test 14 days past ovulation... in this particular case... from when you had unprotected sex Yes I did - I took it on August 22 after the period...
beautiful video about the first breastfeeding after birth by Karen .. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven it's called the Breast Crawl. lay the newborn between mom's breasts and eventually it will make its way to the nipple and start sucking. this video brought tears to my eyes. For more information about Karen's parenting con
Does Your Period Effect Your Workout? [Plus: Birth Control as a Performance Enhancer!] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert (birth control!) and – most importantly – what our periods mean for our workouts (Fatigue! Bloating... about to start taking Junel 21 – a birth control pill that you take continuously so you don’t get a period...

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