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Mercury -- How to Get this Lethal Poison Out of Your Body by Mark Hyman, M.D. Medical Doctor as well as most large ocean fish, we humans are poisoning ourselves with mercury at ever increasing rates... in my body, led to a slow and significant poisoning of my cells and mitochondria. And the effects...
Stoned dogs and rolling cats: On illegal drug poisoning in pets by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Illegal drug poisoning in pets is more common than you think. While most pets won’t consume... in on emergency. Yes, it’s true: We can’t always get our clients to cop to the source of the poison. Fear...
How to Spot Poison Ivy and Poison Oak by Robert Davis Patient Expert : You could find your ball, you could find your ball and poison ivy or you could find your ball and a snake. (I suppose you could find your ball, a snake and poison ivy, but you'd be one unlucky golfer.) Even if you're not a golfer...
National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week: 10 Lead Poisoning Prevention Tips by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook It’s National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, and the California Poison Control System.... “Lead poisoning is an important cause of learning disabilities, anemia, as well as growth problems...
To Poison Myself on Wednesday—Or Not to Poison Myself on Wednesday by Rebecca .. Patient Expert After I posted my last blog entry about deciding to quit getting chemo to treat my sarcoidosis, I’ve been questioned by friends, family, and Chronic Town readers. “Are you going to get chemo next week?” was the one consist
MSG-eezle McPoison Part 3: By Any Other Name, It’s Still Poison by Making Love In The Kitchen Healthy Living Professional MSG like aspartame, is a form of exito-toxin. Excitotoxins are chemicals that excite the brain cells, causing them to fire rapidly, and then suddenly die. This chemical was first added to food after World War II and since
Food poisoning and dehydration by Larissa This weekend I got food poisoning and was down all Saturday and Sunday. It felt like I had the flu - my body was sore and I was very weak from losing all my nutrients. The pharmacist suggested taking...
How well a patient does depends on the amount of iodine that was swallowed as well how quickly treatment was received.  If you were able to seek medical help right away, you have a better chance for recovery.  
The first thing you need to do is to get a definitive diagnosis so you don't  make her sicker by treating her for the wrong thing.  The most common sign associated with salmonellosis, acute enteris, may also be caused by othe

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Causes ... contact with certain metals (such as nickel), or contact with poisonous or stinging plants. The itchy red welts of hives (urti ... » Read on
Introduction What is sepsis (blood poisoning)? Sepsis refers to an infection that ... » Read on