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Dr. Lewis Cone California
“I invite you to the Nutritional Healing Center.  Dr. Lewis Cone employs traditional... More
Shell Newborn, Georgia
Chrisakindc California
 My name is Dr. Christopher Akin. As a chiropractor, it is my goal to reach, help, and... More
Jenna US
I've been married to my wonderful husband Chris for three years. After struggling to get pregnant... More
karenmcole California
I am a almost 41 year old mother of 2 - ages 19 and 17. I've lived with chronic diarrhea now for... More

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Vomiting and Diarrhea: How Sick is Your Child? by HealthyKids .. inevitable that your child will suffer diarrhea or vomiting or both at some point during their life... about diarrhea. What is diarrhea? STEVEN SCHWARTZ, MD: That's a very good question, Cheryl. I think...
How To Protect Your Newborn Baby From The Flu by just 4 families Patient Expert by worried parents and their ailing children. Now that you’ve got a newborn, you want to be prepared... from fever, headache, dry cough, sore throat, runny nose, and muscle aches to nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea...
DIARRHOEA by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert only under a doctor's guidance. Diarrhoea can be dangerous in newborns and infants. In small children, severe...
Antibiotics destroy the good, necessary and essential intestinal flora. Any time you take a course of antibiotics (any kind) you should replace the intestinal bacteria by eating yogurt daily and/or adding acidophilus and oth
If you ate the sushi in a restaurant, your symptoms are probably from something else.  If you have a high fever, you should definitely see a physician.  Meanwhile force liquids (water, juice) to avoid dehydration
The ones I know of are dark chocolate and rice, black tea, but I'm sure there are others. Stress is a double stimulus: it could be a "runner" and a constipator. If it is a cause of your symptom, try the "mind approach". Imagi
Obviously, shopping is not good for you. It is connected with anxiety, to which all your symptoms could be traced back to. The seat of it is in your stomach, so avoid shopping and/or see a doctor, check your bank account prec
!! Congrats on your pregnancy! First, your diarrhea maybe your personal form of morning sickness. Continue...
and managment and monitoring of electorlytes is essential if diarrhea is chornic. Most common areas to look...
Thank you! I've been feeling considerably better over the past few days. I think a lot of my symptoms were brought on or magnified by my worry and stress. Since I've mad a habit of clearing my head and not sweating every lit

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Advantages ... it protects your baby against illnesses such as diarrhea, vomiting, chest, ear and urine infections, eczema and ... » Read on
Treatment ... f it. The side effects from phototherapy may include a rash and diarrhea. If the jaundice is severe and biliru ... » Read on