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thematrix777 North Las Vegas, Nevada
I am disabled with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) for several years now. It is a relatively... More
Lee Nevitt California
I am 34, with type 1 type diabetes, i also have the misfortune of having autonomic neuropathy,... More
phila1fly royal palm beach, Florida
hello all i am a 56 year old young guy living in west palm beach florida with diabetic neuropathy,... More
Sheldon-kalnitsky Chennai, IN
Sheldon kalnitsky (born Jan 1, 1978) is a businessman. Sheldon kalnitsky is a property developer... More
Jackie Kuala Lumpur, MY
 I am a 42 year old female from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My biggest thing in life so far was... More

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Diabetic neuropathy by Lee Nevitt Patient Expert Diabetes: Neuropathy Introduction to diabetic neuropathy Peripheral neuropathy Autonomic neuropathy Introduction A common complication of diabetes is damage to the nerves that allow you to feel...
FDA Strengthens Fluoroquinolone Warnings by Len S. Patient Expert , weakness, and paralysis are the most common symptoms of peripheral neuropathy and should be addressed right... Top facial paralysis surgeon Babak Azizzadeh, MD, FACS, responds to the FDA strengthening...
Homotoxicology will help you with peripheral neuropathy. Grab your local phone book, look... helpful for relieving symptoms of neuropathy, whatever the cause.  (One of the nice things...
Proper or not, intubation is associated with vocal cord complications.  Improper intubation is actually more likely associated with brain damage & death (if not caught in time) since the patient isn't being properly oxygenate
that you get, you need to impress that upon them. To answer your question... Neuropathy is and can be a huge part of MS...
Oh boy, no I haven't but I do suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia myself and understand what you must be going through!  I'm copying a link here for you that may help explain this,
What you have described does suggest some type of disorder affecting the function of the facial cranial nerve.  Many of these same symptoms are seen in people with Bell's Palsy. The facial nerve has thousands of branches an
We experienced the same type of episode with our 4.5 year old Golden/Lab mix. A couple months ago, he woke up from a nap/resting - unable to move his back legs,  with his back hunched like a cat. He never lost conciousness, a
Oboe hams it up at the Vet’s off... by Kim F. Patient Expert Oboe hams it up at the Vet’s office.   Watching my husband age, with all of his back issues, is one thing.   Watching my parents age is another. Both the hubby and my parents can voice their ailments, their problems, t
Update on National Neuropathy Week! by Stephanie C. Patient ExpertHealth Maven The Neuropathy Association has done a fabulous job this year of getting the word out about Peripheral Neuropathy this week, during National Neuropathy Week. One really fabulous resource...

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Introduction ... inherited conditions that cause damage to the periphery nerves (neuropathy). The condition is named after three the doctors who ... » Read on
Causes ... ciated with diabetes can cause damage to the nerves (peripheral neuropathy) particularly in your feet. Once damaged, the nerves ... » Read on