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Cholesterol drug may block nerve repair by stuart Patient Expert (simvastatin), a "statin" type of cholesterol-lowering drug, may block the body's ability to repair nerve... suggest that use of Zocor impairs "remyelination," a process in which the fatty outer covering of nerve...
Bridging the gap between nerve repair and cancer spread by Cancer Research UK Patient Expert Schwann cells play a vital role in repairing damaged nerves - but they also give us clues... The nerves in our peripheral nervous system are pretty good at repairing themselves –this ability can even...
New research may aid nerve repair in spinal injuries by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook to repair nerves in patients with spinal injuries. Professor Jerry Turnbull, from the Institute... for improving nerve repair in patients, using the body's own Schwann cells, supplemented with specific sugars...
Expert Facial Paralysis Surgeon Responds To New Research On Repairing Facial Nerve Defects by Len S. Patient Expert conduits exhibits superior effects in repairing facial nerve injury compared with nervegrowth factor..., comments on a new study that indicates chitosan molecule can promote nerve cell adherence and growth...
Promise: 2010 Nervous System Repair Teams Meet, Plan Next Steps Toward Restoring Nerve Function in People with MS by stuart Patient Expert Feb 04, 2009 Over 70 members of the four international teams funded through the National MS Society’s Promise: 2010 Campaign met in New York City in January to share progress, forge new collaborations, and plan future
Enzymes May Be Key to Myelin Repair by Kim F. Patient Expert and Nervous System Repair Two teams of researchers funded by the National MS Society have reported findings on nerve tissue injury and repair that add important information needed to stop MS progression and develop...
Maybe Cats have the answer for MS repair by stuart Patient Expert Information provided by Trevor in the Uk. Maybe Cats have the answer for MS repair Thu Apr 2, 2009 10:28 Cats' central nervous system can repair itself and restore function Scientists...
A New Approach for Repairing/Rejuvenating Damaged Photoreceptors and Other Retinal Tissue for Restoring Vision by Irv Arons Healthy Living Professional nerve regeneration model.” Systemically delivered Photoreceptor Progenitor cells reversed..., and therefore provide a viable source of new photoreceptors for retinal repair. In addition, the photoreceptor...
Researchers identify pathway to reactivate myelin repair by stuart Patient Expert therapies to repair nerve cells’ protective coating stripped away as a result of autoimmune diseases... of the Journal of Neuroscience. Myelin is fatty material that coats and protects the ends of nerve cells...
Pathway To Reactivate Myelin Repair identified by Researchers by stuart Patient Expert to repair nerve cells' protective coating stripped away as a result of autoimmune diseases such as Multiple... of Neuroscience. Myelin is fatty material that coats and protects the ends of nerve cells. The loss of myelin...

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Treatment ... n to strengthen your muscles and slow the deterioration of your nerves. If you have CMT, you may find regular ... » Read on
Treatment ... good hydration of body tissues is an essential for protection, repair and maintenance. Surge ... » Read on