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I'm a Health and Wellness Coach who has personally benefited from a nutritional program that made... More
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I am a Registered Nurse (full time) and a Certified Massage Therapist (in my free time). I work... More
I have been suffering from constant migraines for four years. I tried everything under the sun... More
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Diagnosed with Chiari in Aug '05 when my hubby was stationed overseas in Korea.  6 days after... More
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Fred Molloy is a registered migration agent, with the Office of the Migration Agent... More

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Quantitative in vivo Methods to Estimate the Conduction Time of Nerve Impulses in the Brain by nerve function. It is well known that in myelinated axons, the conduction velocity is directly... pathway (e.g., using DTI tractography), to estimate the mean conduction time of nerve impulses...
A handheld nerve conduction measuring device in carpal tunnel syndrome by Helge V. K. Patient Expert ) is primarily based on clinical symptoms and physical signs. Measuring nerve conduction (NC) velocity... I visited Helsinki earlier this week and learned more about “A handheld nerve conduction...
A new theory of nerve conduction... by Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy A new theory of nerve conduction takes as its empirical starting point the hundred-year-old... potency. The more soluble, the more potent. Olive oil was used to mimic the cell membranes of nerve cells...
Tales from the Crib, Sulfur, the Missing Piece of Nerve Conduction by Kim S. Patient Expert . Continue reading "Tales from the Crib, Sulfur, the Missing Piece of Nerve Conduction" » ...
Tales from the Crib, Sulfur, the Missing Piece of Nerve Conduction by Kim S. Patient Expert By Ronna Hochbein, OTR/L Many docs and therapists who do biomed, seem to have missed the correlation between epsom salts (sulfur) and glutathione (gssh). All the docs typically recommend glutathione for detoxification (it is
I’m having a nerve test to determine why my left brain and right leg are apparently not on speaking terms by Kevin L. Patient Expert 100 miles per hour. Weird. I will have a nerve conduction velocity test Friday. Basically... got some nerve damage in and around my calf. This is according to the sports doctor who examined me last week...
Nerve Deafness by Laurie P. Patient Expert type is conductive, meaning that the sound comes into the ear but does not get to the cochlea or auditory nerve..., it is not transmitting the sound to the cochlea and auditory nerve. That is what is considered a conductive...
Can Sleep Apnea Cause Nerve Deafness? by Dr. Steven P. Medical Doctor only reinforced my observation that people who suffer from sudden nerve deafness all have very similar upper...
How Diabetes Gets On Your Nerves by DiabetesII .. the patient to another doctor to get an electrical study, what are called nerve conduction studies. The purpose of the nerve conduction studies is to see how well the nerves in the legs and the arms conduct...
His research did suggest how nerve cells lose their electrically insulating layers of myelin by stuart Patient Expert to our understanding of the conduction of electrical impulses in peripheral nerves — particularly nerves in the face, arms, legs and torso. In his studies of electrical conduction within nerve cells in the early 1970s...

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Diagnosis ... g. Tests that you may have are outlined below Nerve conduction test A nerve conduction test ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... and description of your symptoms. Other disorders of the median nerve have similar symptoms, but carpal tunnel syndrome is the m ... » Read on