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Tricks of the trade: Anesthetizing the nasopharyngeal tract by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor laryngeal anatomy, respectively. Tricks of the trade: Anesthetizing the nasopharyngeal tract...
Is A Common Cold Vaccine On The Way? by k Patient Expert Is a vaccine for the common cold on the way? That would make so many people happy. Not only would this lift a burden to normally healthy people that sometimes come down with the virus, but it would help ease others who hav
Common Cold by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert According Naturopathy principles Common Cold is an acute disease. Actually it is not a disease but an indicator of accumulation of morbid matter in excess quantity in the body. Therefore, it is believed as a friend of bod
How to Cure the Common Cold by Kavit H. Patient Expert Here’s what you need to know about curing the common cold. Did you know that the common cold is it really a specific virus that causes it? It is actually caused by hundreds of different types of viruses. That’s why the
Everybody's constitution is different. It seems you have a good foundation. In a classroom you are exposed to kids' germs on everyday basis. I haven't had a cold in 6 years, and I will tell you what I do. I go out and bike ev
Preventive: strengthen your immune system–don't stay just indoors. Go out for a walk or a bike ride (my system), bundle up if it's cold or windy, but go. Gurgle salt water and put drops in the nose. That is very good for clea
How Do I Know If I Have A Sinus Infection? by MJT Patient Expert At first, you may think you have a common cold. Your nose is congested, your head hurts and that minor cough has now become a major problem. The symptoms seem to stick around for more than a week or two which is unlike the
It was not as effective as adver ... by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven It was not as effective as advertised for curing the common can get a refund though if you happened to save a receipt...BD  People who have taken the herbal formula Airborne with the hope of curing or fending
Immunity by Marc V. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Remember I told you I had that head cold? Well, it went away quickly and then my daughters got it. So when I had them for the weekend, I had to baby them a little. They gave it right back to me and by Tuesday I felt a chest
Cut Short the Common Cold – Natural Health Remedies for Colds by Sandy H. Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine There’s a good reason it’s called the common cold, ‘cause it’s one of the most common illnesses around. And the worst part is that it has no cure. So if you have a cold, the best you can do is take adequate rest, dose up with

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