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Nasal Nose

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Hello..I am a 30 something..just! Ahem! lol Writer and Food Writer. I aspire to one day... More
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Revision Rhinoplasty Reshape your nose through safe nose surgery techniques, contact Dr Naderi... More
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have a son 5 daughter 2 expecting girl due any day now who has heart defects bilaterl cleft... More
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Nasal Alert LaToya Jackson by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Ouch. Who did this? How many times? Her nasal tip…poor girl. Did she ask for this? Best Regards, John Di Saia MD
Nasal Surgery - No More Nose Splints by Nathan M. Patient Expert post-operative appointment from my Nasal Septal Reconstruction. I arrived at 3:40 for my 3:45... thereafter and said that it would be a quick procedure. He gave me some tissues to use to blow my nose when he finished...
Hearing With Your Nose? Nasal Stem Cells May Treat Hearing Loss by Danielle N. Patient Expert Check out this article Hearing with your nose? What is your opinion about this article???
It is an infection on a bigger scale than before. Treat yourself with tepid salt water (mild concentration) with an eye-dropper and your head tilted back. Also gurgle salt water. Do it several times a day, or at least 2x. Tak
. 4. Do some self-massage -- find tender areas around the nose, eyebrows, forehead, and crown...
Reader Laura on Hairdresser Nasal Collapse by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Reader Laura’s Comment “A hairdresser in England has reportedly had her nose collapse... themselves in the skin inside her nose. She also says that the hole would have increased in size and her septum...
Reader Laura on Aisha, the Afghan Nasal Amputee by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven non-psychological issue relative to having one’s nose amputated like this is drying out the nasal... there is anything that could be done to improve her nose? Is she at higher risk of infection with her sinuses exposed? What other health risks...
Heidi Montag in Costa Rica – More Nasal Surgery? by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Heidi Montag has been seen in Costa Rica with Steri-strips on her nose talking about an implant exchange (to a smaller size.) Could she have had another nose job? Well of course. She told...
Celebrity Nose Jobs - Are We Seeing the Same Nose Over and Over Again? by Dr. Tony Y. Medical Doctor A post from the popular Cityrag blog mentions that celebrities' noses are all looking... nasal tip looks good. Therefore, they will be more likely to place stitches into the cartilage to create...
Lesley Vogel – Nasal Surgery or Trauma by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Lesley Vogel, Hayden Panettiere’s mother, has a nasal tip that is really thin and the rest of her nose looks funny. I hope this wasn’t the result of a cosmetic rhinoplasty. Maybe she was in an accident

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