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Nasal Bone

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Steve Levitt, MD Hillsborough, North Carolina
Hello, my name is Steve Levitt and welcome to my blog. I'm a psychiatrist with 30 years of... More
John Evans California
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Proud dad (divorced--30+yrs, filing was most difficult thing I've ever done but unhappy for many... More
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the difference between a bone and a screw by Summer S. Patient Expert a little like this. {it's called a nose BONE.} And let me just tell you, that the skies... somewhat. Except that it kinda ruins the chance of ever wearing THAT nose bone again. But whatever, it worked...
Important Information About Nasal Fractures by Len S. Patient Expert ? If the nasal bone is displaced to one side and is simply no longer aligned, it is possible that the surgeon will be able to treat the injury simply by repositioning the nasal bone. This procedure can be performed...
Intranasal Corticosteroids and Bone Mineral Density in Children by Neil Kao Medical Doctor by Ozkaya E, et al. titled "Lack of bone metabolism side effects after 3 years of nasal topical steroids... as to how they recommend growth studies be done (3/07) . This is quantity of bone, now how about quality of bone? I'd...
Hazards of Nasal Flu Vaccine as Program is Rolled Out in British Schools by Kim S. Patient Expert findings on injectable vaccines to Fluenz® was problematic as nasal administration... policy over nasal flu vaccine and children, a vaccine which sheds and will put in harm's way immune...
Endonasal Skull Surgery – Neurosurgery through the Nose To Remove Tumors by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven The RhinoChill System – Nasal Catheter to cool the body after cardiac arrest Technorati Tags: otolaryngology...
Nasal Tumors - A Slow and Insidious Killer by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine . Locally invasive tumors eat away at surrounding bone and tissue and obstruct the nasal passage. The tumor... out to a client’s home to euthanize a Collie with a nasal tumor. Long-nosed breeds are at higher than average risk...
Bones, Bones, Brittle Little Bones. by Poker Face Patient ExpertHealth Maven Today my talking Yoda died. Well his batteries did. My future is over! I can no longer squeeze his hands to have my questions answered! I need to fix him. Anyway, life is funny. I feel so utterly confused about so many things
The situation you describe might be part of the bone graft being rejected by the target site.   When bone grafts do not heal, they become recognized as "foreign bodies" which are then expelled
Wanted: One Sinus Miracle by Donna Patient ExpertHealth Maven So my swim at the lake in my wetsuit yesterday was good. Let me tell you, this girl is definitely buoyant! :) That said, I found that the buoyancy kinda screwed with my stroke a bit -- I felt "messy". It took a lot of conc
World-Renowned Rhinoplasty Expert Comments On Lebron James’s Broken Nose by Len S. Patient Expert Dr. Babak Azizzadeh, Director of the Institute for Rhinoplasty and Nasal Reconstruction in Beverly Hills, shares the best ways to correct nasal functions and aesthetics after sports injuries. Dr...

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Treatment ... called a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI), you should not use nasal decongestants. Vasomotor rhinitis Once the dia ... » Read on
Treatment ... u have one or more small polyps your doctor may prescribe you a nasal spray or nose drops that contain steroid medicine. These c ... » Read on