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Archangel Clinic McAllen, Texas
A McAllen chiropractic clinic, Archangel Clinic of Chiropractic, is centered to serve all of... More
James Bristol, UK
My name is James and i live in Bristol, South-West UK. I have a personal interest in practical... More
Gralinshon California
This retailer is an authorized dealer of many leading brands along with several others... More
Niell A. Dallas, PH
I am very peace loving individual and health conscious person. I love sports and everything that... More
Chitomayne San Antonio, Texas
I'am Octaviano Luis Longoria VI but everybody calls me Chito. I am originally from Mexico City but... More

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Personality Disorders: BPD and Narcissism by Susan Patient Expert …that is how severe it was). Narcissism: Narcisstic personalities tend to have an inflated sense of self... the Personality Disorder post and adding a discussion of Borderline Personality Disorder. The other post...
The Fruits of Narcissism are Putrid for Employees by David DiSalvo Patient Expert Narcissitic Personality Disorder – defined in the DSM-IV as a pervasive pattern of grandiosity... must be extroverts with robust personalities opens the door for narcissists, who have those traits in spades...
What's Narcissism, What's Abuse? by Dr. Tina Tessina, Phd "Dr. Romance" Doctor of Philosophy Narcissistic Personalities & Sociopaths Conscience is a type of judgment, that tells... on a personal level, a spiritual level, and a social level -- if we wrong our friends, they leave...
Narcissism, Celebrity Rehab, and Another Overdose Death by SuboxDoc Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook probably made the success rate even lower? And am I the only person who finds it bizarre that the doctor behind that TV show has a new book coming out about the harmful effects of narcissism on society– a book...
Narcissism kills: pt. 2 by Dr. Tina Tessina, Phd "Dr. Romance" Doctor of Philosophy Yesterday, I wrote about narcissism: people whose emotional development is arrested... about a "sense of entitlement" or "it's all about me"?  Those are hallmark attitudes of narcissism.  It's...
The Narcissism Test by Meg W. Patient Expert more narcissistic. The book includes a Narcissistic Personality Inventory. Take the 40 question test here and see if your personality leans to the narcissistic side and whether you exhibit vain, superior, or exploitative traits.
Why Some People Can’t Love (Pathological Narcissism) by Susan Patient Expert (pathological as opposed to normal narcissism in which self-centeredness is necessary sometimes or... like that?” This was an interview of Otto Kernberg that I read in graduate school. The two dueling “fathers” of narcissism...
Dating in the time of narcissism by Dating Goddess Patient Expert I like to think of myself as a generally positive person, but I have my pet peeves. Self... as we should be and something slips. I’m willing to forgive if it happens once in a blue moon, but only if the person...
Can self-esteem distort our personal development? by Douglas E. Patient ExpertFacebook have a pathological narcissistic personality disorder that needs psychiatric treatment. Still, traits of narcissism... that “promotes the self relentlessly” could cause significant personal and social problems for people reaching...
Two Personality Disorders: NPD and BPD by Susan Patient Expert …that is how severe it was). Narcissism: Narcisstic personalities tend to have an inflated sense of self... to people who have signs or symptoms of a personality disorder, that is serious. A personality disorder...

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