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I'm a stay at home mamma to two wildly entertaining little girls, ages 1 and 3 years, a home based... More
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Things I love to do, and do... run, practice harmonica, make coffee, laugh, give hugs, yoga,... More
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I was diagnosed with CFS in 2006 although I realized I was pushing toward it for many years. I... More
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when i was a sophomore at UCLA i lived on the health and fitness floor. however i was miss... More

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Dealing With Chemo’s Side Effects by Sylvie Fortin Patient Expert primarily healthy throughout our trip. I did feel ill periodically. I did experience some of the side effects... the symptoms, and the medications I’ve been given to help me deal with this. Some of the common side effects...
cancer’s subtler side effect by Donna Peach Patient Expert bleeds, hair loss and a host of other obvious and sometimes debilitating side effects. We don’t think..., diarrhea, bone pain, nose bleeds, hair loss and a host of other obvious and sometimes debilitating side...
Sutent side effects - the full monty ! by Jane Thompson Patient Expert I have had many emails asking me about the side effects. So I thought it's about time I did a comprehensive... of course over the past 18 months, the side effects differ from patient to patient, but I hope I can pass...
More Side Effects by Robert S. Patient Expert Today is a side effect day for sure. After breakfast, I took a nap until 3 pm. I've since been awake dealing with side effects: a nose that gets dry and bleeds in both sides; dry lips with a cut...
Prescription Medication Side Effects - Repost by Untreatable .. Patient Expert the potential side effects. When you have been on mental prescription medication every once in a while you wonder what is worse the actual disorder or the side effects that come with the medication...
The Joys of Chemically Induced Side Effects by Robert S. Patient Expert This latest chemo treatment - or should I say the latest side effects - really took me by surprise... chemicals. Chemically induced side effects being treated with more chemicals? I'm clear...
Little to No Side 3 AM! by Robert S. Patient Expert I am amazed. I feel really great right now. It's fascinating how these side effects... this morning. I didn't post it when I was done because the chemo side effects got bad. Again, it's fascinating...
winning side effects by Donna Peach Patient Expert with only Taxol®. Oddly, the other side effects seem to have increased again. It’s almost as though the Avastin... the body adjusts to the amount of disturbance. With the effects of the high blood pressure...
New Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Might Help Avoid Side Effects Of Steroids New Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Might Help Avoid Side Effect by Ed H. Doctor of Pharmacy and possibly help avoid the serious side effects of steroids, based on research findings at the Salk Institute... are the most potent anti-inflammatories available, but they can cause serious side effects,” says Verma, Salk’s...
unless you have an incompetent cervix or are high risk for miscarriage then sex (and subsequent ejaculation) during pregnancy isn't considered to carry any significant risks

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Treatment ... manage excessive daytime drowsiness is to take frequent, brief naps, evenly spaced throughout the day. This m ... » Read on
Treatment ... As with most forms of medication, dopamine agonists may cause side effects, such as: nausea, vomiting, dizzi ... » Read on