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drandrewcaster California
Andrew I. Caster, M.D. has performed over fourteen thousand procedures to correct nearsightedness,... More
Dr. Dinesh Sharma Jaipur, IN
Eye is the greatest gift of God to the mankind. Today millions of people are devoid of this Mother... More
Tina Mitra California
I am mother to two incredibly loving children, Vir my son is 7 and Saira my daughter was born on... More

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Eyes by Heather .. Patient Expert I have cataracts. Have I mentioned that? I also have astigmatism and some major near sightedness... with myopia has given me some cool compensatory strategies, I am not crazy about how my contacts...
Avoiding Myopia by Matt M. Patient Expert One other consequence of a poor diet could be myopia (nearsightedness).  A couple of years ago... and myopia.  The explanation is that during childhood, a diet high in refined carbohydrates alters hormone...
A Cute Image From The Colored Contacts For Astigmatism by Merrilee Fullerton Medical Doctor contacts for astigmatism. The search for beauty should not drag you into putting on shades. The best solution lies with the contact lenses. Purchase the colored contacts for astigmatism...
Myopia and Sunlight Exposure by Matt M. Patient Expert I remember years back reading oen of Loren Cordain's paper on myopia.  He hypothesized... more time indoors, myopia rates are on the rise.  A number of studies over the past 5 years have analyzed...
Blinded by my myopia by Girl Blue .. Patient Expert Sometimes I get caught up in the small things, the very small details and I lose sight of the big picture. I need to work on that I think
$elective Myopia: Merck Researchers Do Not See Victims of Vaccine Injury by Kim S. Patient Expert By Nancy Hokkanen Here's an excerpt from The Mayo Clinic's page on the Poland & Jacobson paper , in time for the recent infant immunization week.  Physician’s Guide for Anti-Vaccine Parents Posted on Apr
Myopia Increases Innovation by Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy Big public works projects inevitably cost far more than the original budget. I heard a talk about this a few years ago. The speaker gave many examples, including Boston’s Big Dig. His explanation was that these projec
My eyes - They are wonky. by Experimental Chimp .. Patient Expert blurry. I also have a slight degree of astigmatism. So my eyes don’t focus properly anyway. I’m...
Is Laser Eye Surgery Right for You? by InternalMed .. , and astigmatism. The laser companies first went after myopia because that's the most prevalent, then astigmatism... almost all refractive errors: myopia, even astigmatism. There are bifocal soft contact lenses. There are gas permeable...
Eye Sight by Angeline Patient Expert , astigmatism, came along. By then myopia has increased to 8.50 (right) and 9.75 (left) over the years... for both eyes. Today, I went for an eye check again. My six sense never failed me. Myopia and astigmatism...

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Causes ... rror (poor focussing of light) occurs due to short-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hypermetropia), or astigmatism (where ... » Read on
Why it is necessary ... other genetic (inherited) conditions such as astigmatism, where the eye has not formed in quite the right sha ... » Read on