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My Vagina Is Irritated

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Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven Vaginal irritation (itching, burning, tenderness) with progesterone suppositories 2x day. No yeast like discharge. How do I cope? I have 6 more weeks! Follow @alvinblin...
.. not jeans if you can and keep it cool... it will go away x   You don't need soap for your vagina - it self-cleans. Be careful with using ANY kind of soap, because it can lead to infection and irritation...
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven i m getting irritation in my vagina when i go to washroom n also there is a feeling that i have to go to washroom again n again but d urine didnt come? Follow @alvinblin
 i had yeast infection before but my ob prescribe me funzela and neo-penotran.  it goes away but after a couple of days some small itchy bumps appeared on my vagina and it's 2 weeks now it still didn't go away...
Suturing vaginas and perineums by AtYourCervix Patient Expert you irritate the tissues more!  There is nothing neat or clean about stitching a lacerated vagina... because it is not neat, measured, precise.  Vaginas/labias need held open with the non-dominant hand for better...
Good Home Remedies for an Itchy Scalp by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine , eczema and others can lead to dryness, crusting, irritation, sores and uncomfortable embarrassment... off of your scalp and rinse your hair and scalp thoroughly. Good Home Remedies for an Itchy Scalp Irritation...
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven Does this sound like an IBS attack: itching palms, itching feet, skin turning red, stomach cramps, diarhea, all at once.
Comprehensive Info Pure Vaginal Candidiasis Remedies – 3 Valuable Remedies To your Vaginal Candidiasis by Movements Afoot Healthy Living Professional period will have an irritation. Other points that develop the infection is a poor health system. Poor... would be done. Yeast about growth upon any organ of the human shape results within the yeast irritation. This includes...
itching by Donna Peach Patient Expert Yesterday I started itching. Itching everywhere. No rash or other symptoms except uncomfortable itching all over–my scalp, my back, my arms, legs, hands, feet. I thought it had gone away today as I spent most of the da
35 Symptoms of Perimenopause: Vaginal Dryness by Magnolia Miller Healthy Living Professional , can also result from the irritation as well. If the pH environment of the vagina (which tends toward acidic.... The perfumes, though nice to smell and may make us feel clean, can irritate vaginal tissue and the harsh...

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