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The pain may be a result of a few things..   1) The nerve of the tooth may be injured (cavity may have gone into the nerve) 2) The bitemay need adjustment (filling may be too high)  If your dentist thought the tooth...
Why It’s So Hard to Tell Which Tooth Aches & Other News of Note by The Verigin Dental Health Team Doctor of Dentistry Why It’s So Hard to Tell Which Tooth Has the Ache (Wired) When it comes to a toothache, the brain doesn’t discriminate. A new imaging study shows that to the brain, a painful upper tooth feels...
Tooth Ache by OnlyNatureBlog Patient Expert If you love to use at home whitening strips on your teeth, then take heed. Overdoing it with the whitening could seriously damage your enamel, giving your teeth a bluish colour and making them hig
My understanding of acne is that people have increased experience when their immune systems orbit into and out of periods of high resistance and low resistance to infectious attacks.  If you have an unusually severe and wide
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven I have a really bad tooth ache. Can I alternate hydrocodone and ibuprofen? Follow @alvinblin
Multiple Sclerosis and Tooth Pain, and The Boy's Surgery Went Great by Jughead Patient Expert So we were in the hospital yesterday, the boy had surgery to fix his broken hand, got six pins put into the back of his hand, when it hit me, I am in agony! I had a tooth ache that made me want...
jaw/tooth pain that won't go away - Dental Health - MedHelp by Dr. Syed L. Doctor of Dentistry Safe sex side, he sent my x-rays to an oral surgeon to see if it was a cyst. Excerpt from: jaw/tooth pain that won't go away - Dental Health - MedHelp
Oh my aching teeth! by Gordon G. Healthy Living Professional I had a dentist appointment this morning in Layton, just down the road from Suf N' Swim so I swam there until my appointment at 8am. 2 x 2000 free 4000 yards total Not the best week this week.  The last couple days I didn
I Am A Tooth by rwboughton Patient Expert Tooth pain!Aaaaagggggghhhhhhh! Had to have another tooth pulled, and it hurts like a son... me, God got the whole tooth business dead wrong. There simply had to have been a better way...
Tooth Pain by Dr. Ellie Phillips . Will the system have positive effect on this? I have never had tooth pain in my life so you can imagine...? You say this in the plural - not just one tooth - but you did not tell me if it was upper or lower...

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Introduction What is tooth decay? Tooth decay (also known as dental ... » Read on
Causes ... ches, pains and swellings, such as inflammation, headaches, and tooth ache. NSAIDs usually come in tablet form ... » Read on