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My Side Is Sore

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somatic Cambridge, Massachusetts
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watosiha new london, Wisconsin
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Riucenatinsyi California
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Isaura Montreal, CA
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Can you provide a better description of exactly where the sore spot is located?  If it's on the cheek right outside of her upper teeth, I can give you some good advice.  If it's elsewhere, I'll need
I agree with Doc Myrna about the likelihood of some type of foreign body or trauma causing this wound.  Sometimes the foreign body will become imbedded in the tissues and needs to be removed before any healing can occur.  If
sore on the left upper lip and now it is starting on the other side. The vets have no idea... has the same type of sores, one on each side of her month.  I have taken her to two different vets.  No answers...
hello leslie i also have this problem but it only happens while on my period for the last 9 months any ideas it lasts about 4 or 5 days then goes away  only to return the following month  any advise or thoughts would be great
While I ran, a muscle became tight and a little sore by Allen Patient ExpertHealth Maven I've noticed during the past few runs, that a particular muscle in my left leg became tight at around 4.7 miles. In previous days, the tightness only lasted a couple of minutes. Today, the tightness came at about 4.8 miles a
Sounds like you need to see a dentist for a thorough examination.  The conditions you describe cannot be diagnosed by email. Good Luck! Dr. R. 
, if the soreness in your ribs lasts more than a handful of days without getting ANY better...
Yes, Canker Sores Prevented (and Cured) by Omega-3 by Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy Here is a comment left on my earlier canker-sore post by a reader named Ted: I found out quite by accident WALNUTS get rid of [canker sores] quite quickly. The first sign of an ulcer I chew walnuts...
Sore Quads by Rotten Tea Patient Expert On Sunday my left quad hurt during both of my runs. Yesterday and today both are just sore......this must mean spring is on its way. Today I ran a five loop in the old hood. My legs are tired and sore...
I am SORE! by Timothy C. Patient Expert Serratus, Serratus, Serratus! Holy Schneikies my Serratus are sore! In fact I hurt all over! Let me just say it here: If you have never trained with bands/cables, just be warned...

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