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My Lower Thigh Aches

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Looks like a visit to a doctor is in order. Pain for two months implies something serious is going on. Hope it's not a fracture.
10 Problems with your Chair that Can Contribute to Lower Back Pain by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook using a Lumbar Support - this causes added stress to the lower bck. A Lumbar Support is often “C”shaped.... You can also get lumbar support cushions for which you control how much pressure and support you want for your lower back...
Lower Back Pain by Kris K. Patient Expert programs. Beneficial Asanas Cat/Dog (careful in Dog to not sway the lower back towards the ground... foot or hold on behind the thigh. You can also do this in a doorway and rest the upper leg on the wall...
Do You Need Lower Back Pain Relief? by Lucy J. Patient Expert Foremost, back ache can be fully avoided if you carry... down is certain to precipitate back ache for the reason that it creates undue pressure in the lower...
Lower Back Pain Exercises – Why? by Dr. Graeme T. Doctor of Chiropracty Lower back pain exercises send a shiver down most people’s spines, why? The thought.... Lower back pain exercises that work best are actually those that remove your pain the fastest...
lower abdoman, now i have the dull ache just before i get an erection and in the morning... of my right thigh, which indicates lyme disease. I was on Doxyciline (?) for three weeks but the aches...
as well. I am 40 years old, and my legs are so tired and hurt. The upper part of my thighs ache... through (the aches sometimes feel like chills, right?), but now your body is becoming "normal", and this causes...
Hi kgreenephd, You and I have had similar experiences in running, although I'm older than you. I've been a recreational runner for 35 years and have run four marathons. My marathons were run 26-27 years ago. Numbness usu
Thank you, Allen!  I'll work on stretching much more consistently and thoroughly--and hope that "works."  I really appreciate your help. Hi kgreenephd, You and I have had similar experiences in running, although I'm older t
Women with Strong Thigh Muscles Protected from Knee Osteoarthritis by awesome Healthy Living Professional of thigh muscle strength had a lower incidence of symptomatic knee OA, while men with strong thigh muscles.... Symptomatic osteoarthritis is OA that is determined by symptoms of pain, stiffness and aching on most days...

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Symptoms ... pain, tenderness and stiffness in the neck, shoulders, hips and thigh muscles. Often, the pain becomes quite severe and you may ... » Read on
Symptoms ... less common, to have sores on the buttocks, anus and top of the thighs. Urinating may be very painful, particu ... » Read on