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My Knee Hurts

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Hey! My name is Alex, and I live a completely sugar-free life! Iâ??ve always been sensitive... More
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A bit odd to post this on the basketball section of the site but I'll take a run at it anyway. When the cruciate ligaments go they often make a pop like a champagne cork. So if the sound is the ONLY barometer for assessment
in the left leg close to your knee.  Is that where you got the big lump?  Or is the big lump closer to your b... it here.  It's not clear to me why getting kicked close to your knee would cause your toes to turn b/b and cause...
I don't know. We're all different. Follow the suggestions from the doctor. Be sure she does stretches to strengthen her knees and hips.
Here is a comment about the future. It is important to do exercises to strengthen your knees and hips. Your hips are important because they control the movement of the knee cap. Here are the exercises...
Shoes need replacing, wrong type of shoes, running on indoor tracks, going too far and/or too fast. Take a week off from running or what ever workouts you do. Then ease back into your schedule. Stretch before and after a wor
Dear Sereon, I'm not sure if you were asking if this is a symptom of menopause or not.  I haven't heard that swollen knees and ankles are any part of the menopause transition and without more info...
Hopefully by now you're in good shape. As a general statement, take several days of rest and use RICE treatment. R - Rest I - Ice for 15 minutes at a time, twice an hour C - Compression bandate (Ace) E - Elevate your leg to
My knee hurts! by Florence F. Patient Expert knee. I don't know why, but the second I stepped off of the hospital bed that day after the procedure, my knee  So fast forward to today, a few weeks later, and my knee really took a turn...
Garden Growing, Knees Hurting, and Wife's Butt Lifting by Jughead Patient Expert everything while we are away, I hate the thought of everything dying while we are cruising. Pictures to come soon. My knees...
Personal Food Revolution #1: Hot Dogs Make My Knees Hurt! (Osteoarthritis) by Dr. John L. Medical Doctor me to a baseball game last week, and I had a hot dog. My knees were killing me for three days...

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