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KerriKnox San Francisco, California
I am a Functional Medicine Practitioner with 13 years of experience as a Registered Nurse in... More
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Jaime . BURLINGAME, California
I can run, jump, eat, drink, sleep, and play... what else should i be doing?
happychicc California
I am 45,widowed for last 10 yrs. i have had RA for around 1.5 yrs now, coping without any... More
Leslie M. Burlington, Washington
I am a business owner and mother of a daughter with Asperger's. I have very successfully treated... More

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Leaky gut syndrome is not something accepted in/by traditional medicine.  Proponents of leaky gut....      On the other hand, proponents of leaky gut syndrome claim that by avoiding non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs...
When you have such sever pain, you cannot wait for the dental office to open.  I would suggest you go to the hospital emergency room.  They will have the medications you need to start feeling better--QUICK. http://soundenti
Is this the same cat from the question submitted 3 days ago?  What glands are you referring to? Helpful Buckeye
Gut I.Q. and the Distal Gut Microbiome as a Driver of Health and Disease by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy ? I dunno... Their immunity? Their guts? let's delve deepper and find out more... The above diagram..., and more pathogenic strains. Quite unexpectedly, special characteristics of the gut ecosystems of the long-lived...
#AHS14 My Talk is Up: Re-Savaging the Gut, Solving the Identity Crisis of the Ancestral Gut by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy the Gut Solving the Identity Crisis of the Ancestral Gut The gut microbiota has undergone radical changes. Human gut anatomy are unaltered but the microbial ecosystems have degraded. Health may mirror...
A Healthy Gut is a Happy Gut! by Lucky V. Patient Expert For a limited time  is offering Buy One Get One on Udo’s Choice Digestive Food Enzyme Blends . Add some good flora to your digestive tract with Adult Enzyme and Advanced Adult Enzyme Blends . Supp lem
It is possible that a sunburn can cause swollen glads, but it's not likely.  Your swollen glads might be caused my some other condition.  Typical sunburn symptoms cause pain, redness, swelling and occasional...
! Swollen lymph nodes indicate, that the body is fighting something . . . You have to definitely see...
Dear Sueto -   So sorry to hear about what a ordeal you've been through!   Although some of your symptoms are similar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) - including fatigue, sore throat, and swollen lymph...
.  However, swollen lymph nodes in the groin area are not typically associated...

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Treatment ... If an infection of the urethra - such as chlamydia - is the trigger for Reiters syndrome, your doctor will us ... » Read on
Symptoms ... liver. The pressure in the vein that transports blood from the gut to the liver will increase, leading to hypertension (high bl ... » Read on