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hotmama mulino, Oregon
Strong,fun,attractive,farmer of beef and chicken,country girl. I believe Im perimenopausal now... More
paolo vinaccia California
i'm a jazz traveller  situated in oslo norway....november last year the... More
Nona J. Rome, IT
Nona Jordan is a Martha Beck trained mind-body coach and Kriplalu yoga and meditation instructor... More
Carol Wickett California
Hi,   My name is Carol Wickett. I live in Harrison, Ohio. I am the proud grandma of... More
cherie t. Pleasant Hill, California
A health care professional for over ten years (in the same office)!I branched out for many... More

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Without personally evaluating this patient, it would be impossible to tell. Has he discussed these symptoms with his doctor?
Cold Feet, Cold Sweat, Cold Calling by Katie Patient Expert now, which is the cold-calling, get in-get out type of sales. Just as there are different types of sales..., and then getting the sale. I am patient, it doesn't have to happen today. I am now in the former, cold-calling...
Harold, my guess is circulation, but your doctor said "no" to that.
Cold feet and Stomach Cramps by Ben L. Naturopathic Doctor ColdFeet My mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 5/2008 has been receiving chemo... feel very cold to her but are warm to the touch. Do you have any suggestions? Answer: Hi Ann - Sorry...
I have cold feet! by ndscott Patient Expert Not about an upcoming event, but just plain old cold feet when I run!  Brrr.  Yesterday my poor... out of the way during the day. Anyhow, back to the cold feet.  So yesterday with the Hubs tucked in bed...
Cold feet by Kirk .. Patient Expert My feet are painfully cold these days. I mean seriously, painfully cold. My hands are a little cooler than I’d like but otherwise OK. The rest of my body feels like it’s the perfect temperature...
Cold Feet Since for the las ... by Sensationally Red Patient Expert Cold Feet Since for the last few years I've been stuck in a married limbo hell, and now the divorce is finally over, I want to really shake up my life this year...change it up big time. It's...
Cold feet by Dating Goddess Patient Expert a time and place to meet He says he’s really looking forward to seeing you. But then he gets cold feet. Some let you know ahead of time. Others just don’t show. Why does this happen...
Cold Feet: don't second guess wellness! by Sara G. Patient Expert Many of life's decisions cause us to have second thoughts. For example, a friend of mine is starting her own business. She's knee-deep in the process right now - juggling the initial costs of incorporating, marketing, acco
Does Putting Your Feet in Cold Water Help With Weight Loss? by Mark .. Patient Expert involved with this test put their feet in cold water, every so often, to see what would happen to the brown... when we are cold and just about to start shivering. So the theory goes as far as evolution is concerned, brown fat...

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Symptoms ... may feel sweaty, while at other times it may feel cold and clammy. Changes in skin co ... » Read on
Symptoms ... ted or constipated, have swelling in their feet, hands or face (edema), feel very tire ... » Read on