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I'm not a physician and I'm not sure exactly what your question is - but if it's why do you ache... eaten, positions sitting in or sleeping in, etc. If these aches are of concern - please do see...
Yes it is possible for high heels to cause a number of symptoms: lower back pain, leg pain, calf pain,  and foot pain. The muscles of the calf are the Gastrocnemius and Soleus.  Wearing High Heels reduces the normal activity
Taking care of yer aching feet (guest post)! by Carla B. Patient Expert , your calves are tight, and your feet feel all of it. sometimes I use a yoga video in the am or pm to feel...
My aching feet... by Clare Patient Expert ! Stretching my calves, foot massages, and doing nothing help somewhat, but it's really annoying...
Oh, my achin calves... by Amy and April Y. Patient Expert to ache and throb. The pain progresses to the point that they feel so freakin tight... stretching and warming-up and it did seem to make a bit of a difference. My calves still both hurt...
My poor sore legs! by Julia J. Patient Expert Many women have general aches and pains in their legs and hips. The two affecting me the most are calf cramps and hip ache, both at night, but I have found some simple ways to ease the pain. Calf...
Looks like a visit to a doctor is in order. Pain for two months implies something serious is going on. Hope it's not a fracture.
A bit odd to post this on the basketball section of the site but I'll take a run at it anyway. When the cruciate ligaments go they often make a pop like a champagne cork. So if the sound is the ONLY barometer for assessment
I have a date with…. by Rachel M. Patient Expert Muscle Recovery! To be used for any and all aches and pains in your muscles... and excitement. These will work great on a tight Piriformis, shoulders, hips, back, shoulders, knees or calves...
Running myself sick by Kevin L. Patient Expert As my weekly mileage has increased, so to have the aches and pains in my body: left heel; both calves; right quad and hip. I know that if I take it easy and run a lot more slower miles, that pain...

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Introduction ... icose, but they most commonly develop in the legs and feet. The calves are most commonly affected. This is because standing and ... » Read on
Symptoms ... d. A tooth abscess usually causes severe toothache. This may be a sharp or throbbing pain and become worse whe ... » Read on