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Danie J. California
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i am 28 weeks pregnant and i thought i lost my mucus plug 4 days was just a white chunk... a lot and its pink. i dont know if it was my mucus plug though....what do you all think...
Hi Cassie Sounds to me like you are passing your mucus plug, and yes it looks kinda like a snot ball.  Are you having any bleeding with this? I'd call your doctor tomorrow if you aren't...
when the corpus lutem (what is left when your body releases an egg and what produces progesterone to sustain the luteal phase) breaks down it will often appear as watery or eggwhite cervical mucus...
call your OB/GYN. Since you are overdue I believe that any pregnancy/labor related issues should bypass the interwebz and head straight for the OB highway
Plug in the Saw, Lucille by Ashley's Mom Patient Expert must then be repeated for the other leg and foot. Sounds fairly simple, eh? Well, let’s throw into this picture...
Pulling the Plug on Movie Ratings by CMCH A new study by Webb et al in Pediatrics examined violence in 77 movies rated PG-13.  The authors found that 90% of these movies contained violence.  Dr. Michael Rich, Director of CMCH, responded to the study with an editori
Yellowish mucus at 36 weeks sounds like your mucus plug.  Nothing to worry about.  Your body is just getting ready to deliver.
Spring on the Centennial (with PICTURES!) by chrissto23 Patient Expert for me to upgrade and the picture quality is pretty damn good, actually better than the two or three year old... Hills 100. The hill in the first picture below is the first (and also last, due to the out and back...
Plug it. by Taking Heart Registered Nurse .) I do have one request. Please. I beg of you. Do not come to the hospital if you think you lost your mucus plug. Please do not give to me descriptive details of what your mucus plug looked like, especially color...
Beyond Hair Plugs by MensHealth .. , MD: You had some picture to demonstrate the differences, correct? MICHAEL L. REED, MD: Yes.... You see people who had incomplete or poor work and this is the so-called old giant plug graft, the dolls...

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Symptoms ... r contractions, a 'show' (when the plug of mucus sealing your cervix comes away), and ... » Read on
Treatment ... tympanic membrane in the last 12 months, a mucus discharge from your ear (which may indicate an undiagnosed ... » Read on