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Mucous Plug Discharge

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are, it wasn't your mucus plug.  From your description, it sounds like regular discharge caused by your elevated...i am 28 weeks pregnant and i thought i lost my mucus plug 4 days was just a white chunk...
Yellowish mucus at 36 weeks sounds like your mucus plug.  Nothing to worry about.  Your body is just getting ready to deliver.
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I am not entirely sure what the window is for this but have you considered that you are beginning to lose your mucus plug?
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as if the discharge was purulent (yellow-green, like pus).  A lot depends on the breed of your dog, its age, and whether you keep the dog inside or outside. Some of the short-faced dogs tend to have a lot more eye discharge, even...
when the corpus lutem (what is left when your body releases an egg and what produces progesterone to sustain the luteal phase) breaks down it will often appear as watery or eggwhite cervical mucus. Most times this blends in
Try to use this ovulation calendar tool to trace your cycle and find the date of ovulation. Since you say you got a period ... being only on Cycle day 4 when you had unp
Hi Cassie Sounds to me like you are passing your mucus plug, and yes it looks kinda like a snot ball.  Are you having any bleeding with this? I'd call your doctor tomorrow if you aren't...

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