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Mekkist California
I have been Married for 10 years. After years and years of trying to conceive, we finally were... More
Inspiring a mind-body approach to LIFE.YOGA.NUTRITION.HEALTH.TRANSFORMATION. It is my goal to... More
Anabella L. Brooklyn, New York
Originally from Argentina, Anabella Lenzu is a dancer, choreographer and teacher with over 20... More
jill h. SAN FRANCISCO, California
I own Informed Body, a movement studio which offers Pilates, Personal Training, Small Group... More
Jenna US
I've been married to my wonderful husband Chris for three years. After struggling to get pregnant... More

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Post-pregnancy secrets for a flatter stomach (guest post). by Carla B. Patient Expert requests from moms new and old are exercises to flatten the stomach back to pre-baby shape... the stomach to protrude (or anterior pelvic tilt)—regardless of bodyfat. During a sit up or crunch...
would be something between 8 and 10 if you're using a 1-10 scale. Movement is the stomache usually refers to bowel or intestinal rumblings or stomache growling that can accompany normal digestive activity or can indicate...
It is typical for your stomach to hurt when you yawn while pregnant.  It also might hurt when you sneeze or cough.  
well at 2 months movement of the fetus is pretty much undetectable by the mother.  If you haven't already taken a home pregnancy test then I would suggest that as a first step.   If you have then I'd suggest...
i had a baby five yrs ago they cut me and i been have bad pain And your OB could be right...there is some streatching that happens during pregnancy as well as your bones moving in the pelvic area....unless it gets much wo
Um... are you saying at 2wks pregnant?   because if so then it just isn't possible.  The 2nd week of any pregnancy is the same as if on a regular cycle...your body getting ready to then actual...
While those are symptoms of pregnancy they are also symptoms of illness as well.  Nothing you provided (information wise) allows me to speculate on if she could possibly be pregnant or not...
you probably are not pregnant but probably having an annovulatory cycle (which is normal to have every once in a while).   If you want to wait it out then thats up to you.     Otherwise you can request...
She certainly looked pregnant by AtYourCervix Patient Expert But, she was not pregnant. Not one bit. The woman presented to L&D with c/o contractions. She looked to be about 34-38 weeks pregnant, with a gravid abdomen. She had the waddle going on. Once...

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Causes ... Your gastrointestinal tract is made up of your stomach and your intestines, and is the part of your body respon ... » Read on
Treatment ... dure that involves fitting a band around the upper part of your stomach. Gastric banding is usually only recommended as a last r ... » Read on