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Why did you take it during your period? A woman is only fertile in a very small window of her cycle.. since a period is your body shedding the lining then you are not fertile during that time
i took the morning after pill in jan and got my period on feb 1st to the 8th of feb and i have not... for the first time. so can the morning after pill afect my period. i need to know...
It is strongly advised that this particular medication ONLY be taken as directed by a physican. If you want to use the morning after pill then go and get the morning after pill.  It is dangerous to attempt
you shouldn't be taking MAP as a regular form of birthcontrol...   Have you bled since the first time you took it?
transmitted infections (STIs)?  Birth control pills can only prevent pregnancies while condoms... monogamous relationship or not but using a combination of hormonal birth control (pills vs patches vs shots...
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven I had unprotected sex on my period and took the morning after pill the next day however now there is a smelly brown discharge, how do I make it stop? Follow @alvinblin
I believe that usually the window is 72 hrs to take the morning after pill (I am assuming that is what you are referring to).   It will not work if you are already pregnant.  If you are late with your bleed
You shouldn't use the morning after pill as birth control so I would strongly recommend that you find a regular method of birth control (no just condoms). If you haven't bleed from taking the pill
Did you bleed after you took TMAF?  Or are you telling me that since you took the pill that you haven't bled at all?
How early do you start to show? yup based on the info you gave me so is that 100% not pregnant ? are supposed to bleed after taking the pill.  The purpose is to drastically increase...

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