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Moose Dishes

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milaformj California
For almost 20 years I have been decorating homes and loved the journey.  Seeing my... More
Nina G. Berlin, New Jersey
Hi, my friends call me Bambi (old high school knickname). I live in New Jersey. I'm 28 year old,... More
Leona B. CAMPBELL, California
I work for the Stanford Alumni Association and Office of Development at the beautiful Stanford... More
nichole Legazpi City, PH
Nichole Rey is not yet married but happy for being single. She loved cooking, traveling, and... More
rel6 Bettendorf, Iowa
Growing up in Los Angeles offered to me a culinary experience I will always cherish. Family cooks... More

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Are You Cleaning Your Dishes with a Dirty Dish Sponge? by Stan Patient Expert Ahhhh, washing dishes.  Women hate it, men loathe it, teenagers despise it and dogs love it (they get the scraps).  We all need to eat, which means washing dishes is something we all have to do.  Dishing washing...
Join “The Soap Dish” with Ivory and Melissa McCarthy! #IvorySoapDish by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook celebrity host, Melissa McCarthy, on their Facebook page at “The Soap Dish”! Of course, you recognize... of The Soap Dish, she invites Ivory fans to join her in “dishing” about a variety of family-related topics...
More Dishing on the Dish by Sara G. Patient Expert (including a very comprehensive and complimentary email from the President at Let's Dish), I thought I'd... me up for both categories!) As I mentioned before, there are several Let's Dish meals that can be cooked directly...
Reading burns calories - Moose: A Memoir of Fat Camp by Stephanie Klein by Jennette F. Patient Expert I got nine bug bites while reading Stephanie Klein's bookMoose: A Memoir of Fat Camp, so I felt... came to me with a cover of a scale, with the numbers of the scale reading MOOSE. I didn't think that sent the right...
... although I get that it's not just an LA mindset -- probably NY, too (where I'm from). Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, there's some of that, too, but the good restaurants around here often serve what seems like really
My friend and I usually ask if we can split the entree when we order and they bring it on two seperate plates. I don't think it's tacky. I think it helps the environment, is better for my health and my budget and sends a mes
Building a healthy lifestyle:Better pasta dishes by Mary Ann P. of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Try different brands until you find one that works for you. A pasta dish...) and regular pasta. Guess what? It always made me feel like a slug. My updated pasta dish is lean ground...
Sadie and the Moose by Scott Keeps Running Patient Expert Came around the corner fast, Sadie just ahead of me, and Momma Moose and Baby Moose were standing no more than 20 ft off the trail in a clearing. 20 ft is very close in wild moose proximity terms. Some moose...
WYOMING STAR VALLEY MOOSE TESTS POSITIVE FOR CWD by Terry S. Patient Expert STAR VALLEY MOOSE TESTS POSITIVE FOR CWD 10/17/2008 Cheyenne--- A three-year-old female moose... of deer, elk, and moose that affects the brain, causing weight loss, abnormal behavior, and, eventually...
Sadie and Her Moose Friends - More Beautiful Fall Running by Scott Keeps Running Patient Expert We ran into Momma Moose and Baby Moose for the fourth time in the past 12 months. Momma Moose must be getting use to us because she wasn't as nervous as she's been before. In fact, it looks...

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