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Dr. Lewis Cone California
“I invite you to the Nutritional Healing Center.  Dr. Lewis Cone employs traditional... More
davedandinfused London, UK
In April 2008 I had the first inkling something was wrong when I temporarily lost all feeling... More
Voice in Recovery California
My mission is to be a voice in recovery. To create a place where those can find and use their... More
argnikolaidou California
Hi! My name is Roula .I have two daugthers and work as a public servant in Greece. My little... More

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How to cure Mono! by Stephen Tvedten Patient Expert weeks. Although, it is possible for mono to be recurrent, which means that you may get a relapse... can increase the risks of a relapse. A strep throat can easily lead to mono, which is why it should be treated...
Relapsing into Relapse by Arielle B. Patient Expert Relapse happens often. And there is nothing wrong with that. It is often PART of recovery... because you are human and relapsed. It is okay. It is really okay. I promise you. Step two: You must learn that you're...
How to Get Abs Progress Pics: Mono y Mono by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert I had before working out, I dropped a whopping 17 pounds in two weeks! Yes, I've heard the, "Then I wish I had mono... of the things about mono is your spleen swells, and though it's very rare, intense exercise or strenuous...
Effect of parenteral cladribine on relapse rates in patients with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis: by stuart Patient Expert in people with MS mainly because it provoked a reduction in the relapse rate. authors: Stelmasiak Z, Solski...
No, human mononucleosis is not a problem for either dogs or cats...unless it makes you too sick to take care of them.  Helpful Buckeye
news is you can BEAT IT! It shows that these are all relapsing Fever organisms.... burgdorferi is in the relapsing fever category in the taxonomy database at the NIH. Look here>: http...
Hi... about getting ""glutened" by the soy sauce": There are some brands of Soy Sauce that actually claim to be Gluten-Free.   One can go to Gluten-Free Brands for some info on this. My experience has taught me that product
All higher life forms, mammals, reptiles and birds, have dependency to benzodiazepines. Small quantities of benzodiazepines and related molecules occur naturally in all foods and higher life forms, including humans, have bec
You have been fighting this on your own long enough. Allergic symptoms would be one likely possibility (do you have pets?) for the skin and respiratory stuff. While it leaves out the skin symptoms, you should also get chec
Relapse Prevention: Strengths and Difficulties by Carrie A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven I'm starting this relapse prevention series by going back to the (very) basics. One of the major points of relapse prevention is to anticipate some of the difficulties you might have and create a plan...

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Symptoms ... dically. Periods when your symptoms get worse are known as relapses, and periods when your symptoms improve, or disappear a ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... multiple sclerosis (RRMS) may be made if: you have two relapses of your symptoms, more than 30 days apart, or you ... » Read on