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This is a blog about bipolar moods, healthful food, musings on a past eating disorder, exercise,... More
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VOGUE Features Lovely Michelle Williams In Stewart+Brown Ethically-Sourced Mongolian Cashmere by S+E Patient Expert I have a soft spot for Michelle Williams.  She has a soft spot for organic fashion pioneers, Stewart+Brown.  S+B was surprised to learn that the Academy Award nominee picked their sweater
Of Mongols and Spots by Dr. Zagreus Ammon Medical Doctor that read "melanocytic patches on sacrum, AKA Mongolian spots." These dark patches on the proverbial..., which includes people of East Asian, Polynesian, Indonesian and Micronesian descent. Mongolian spots...
and started spotting about a month ago.  The Dr. said I was definitely menopausal and should be on hormones... basis. This spotting is driving me crazy. Not to mention that my sex life is taking a beating...
here are a list of all skin conditions that give red spots or blushes on skin.  Normally right diagnosis of red spots disorder is relatively difficult without seeing them.  Because in written form...
I belive that isn't always the case. I had sex on the first day of my period, then fell pregnant. My son is now 4! The Dr told me that it is possible to get pregnant if you are sexually active. You may have ovulated late poss
us with an amazing little boy to adopt, and that took all the stress out of the stupid spotting. It's not an option.... I had always had normal periods. They always lasted three days. Very little spotting before period started...
Dear need2know, Indeed, spotting can be normal after what appears to be cessation of cycles... months without a period, then just when I was about to celebrate, I spotted for 2 days. Started...
You should ask your own health care provider who knows you and your history. Lynn    
if you are in perimenopause. Since spotting can also herald other conditions, it's good to get checked if this is new... it is. If indeed this is the start of the Pause, then the spotting may be normal and may continue along with irregular cycles...
) spotting for the first several months as your hormones get adjusted to the pills.  However, if the spotting...

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Symptoms ... These developments are usually followed by the appearance of spots (acne) on the face and back. Growth rate reaches its highe ... » Read on
Symptoms Acne spots appear in areas of skin that have a large number of sebace ... » Read on