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Callahan M. California
My name is Callahan, a 20 year old (soon to be 21!) from a small city in NY. I am currently... More
Affy007 Summerville, South Carolina
Hi, my name is Sandra. I live in Summerville, SC, USA. I'm 63, divorced & mother of two sons.... More
Caryn T. West Chicago, Illinois
My heart has carried this deep desire to be part of a special club for kids suffering from food... More
Vernbobley California
Benefits of pure raspberry ketones: The pure raspberry ketone weight loss supplement has been... More
slimminsam California
I started this journey in December as a 419lb man with limited hope and no plan. I knew what I... More

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Of moles and men â?? how sunlight and moles affect the risk of melanoma by Cancer Research UK Patient Expert of moles have a higher risk of melanoma, so it makes sense that genetic factors which increase the risk... that that moles are more important than sunlight in increasing the risk of melanoma is confusing and contradictory...
The Differences Between Melanoma and a Mole by Andrea C. Patient Expert An ordinary mole is an evenly covered brown, tan or flesh colored spot in the skin. It can be either raised or flat. It's shape can be round or oval, but has defined borders. Moles are usually a quarter...
Another Pre-Cancerous Mole by Quinn Patient Expert I can't believe I posted a picture of my bloated maggot toes. A few months back, I had the infamous mole removed from the outskirts of my anus. My doctor advised that I see a dermatologist...
Am I running a Special on Melanoma? by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven ! The melanoma picture you see pictured above is a past case from a few years ago. I’ll take a better picture... Melanoma is the rarest of the skin cancers, but the only skin cancer that has a reasonable...
One Year. A Melanoma Update by Rosa V. Patient Expert It's been a year since I was first diagnosed with melanoma and many things have changed in my life. I've had two operations, one of them major. I've had check ups, physiotherapy and more moles removed...
Melanoma - why are we seeing record numbers lately? by ckmiletti Patient Expert this fun fact: Melanoma rates are increasing around the world, but the incidence among American women ages... gender bracket. (In absolute numbers, there are still more cases of melanoma among older people...
Who is Likely To Get Melanoma? by Andrea C. Patient Expert No one is free from risk of getting melanoma. People who have the highest risk have many moles, irregular moles or large moles. Those with close blood relatives who have had melanoma or
Other Warning Signs of Melanoma by Andrea C. Patient Expert from your other moles How Is Melanoma Diagnosed? If your doctor suspects a change in... into the surrounding skin > A change in sensation-itchiness, tenderness or pain > A change in the surface of the mole...
Marathon Training Runs Up Risk of Melanoma by Tom H. Patient Expert By Crystal Phend, Training for the marathon puts runners at risk for malignant melanoma... from a skin cancer screening campaign, showed significantly more atypical moles (47.1% versus 31.4%, P=0.001...
Examine Your Moles by Anthony R. Patient Expert Dwight and his mole - the one on his cheek not the mole at his back. Hehehe. Moles are growths on the skin that are usually brown or black. Moles can appear anywhere on the skin, alone or...

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Symptoms ... mole, or a change in the appearance of an existing mole. Normal moles are usually a single color, round, or oval in shape, and a ... » Read on
Introduction ... Less than a third of skin melanomas arise from pre-existing moles and hairy moles hardly ever turn into malignant melanomas ... » Read on