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There are more reasons than pregnancy to miss a period. I would suggest taking an HPT (home pregnancy test) since you say you already missed your expected bleed.
well i having the same kind of problem. i was late starting my period in February so i didnt start... i took 3 pregnancy test and negative but i spotted today just a few drops and that it. what can this mean...
. I have been really stressed lately could this be the casue of my missed period OR am i pregnant? Please help me. ahh fantastic... my feioncee and I are trying again I had my periods after the mc but to me it seems like I can't get pregnant...
Hmmm . . . if you're sexually active (and I don't mean how aggressive you are in bed but rather that you engage in sexual activity) and don't use any sort of birth control and you've missed an entire period...
noticable actually if you were pregnant at this time.   23 days from your last period would  put you in your luteal phase (second half of your cycle) and (if you have medically "correct" cycles) would mean...
is she be pregnant? after what we do?, plsss,, answer.. :) if your period comes then most likely you are not pregnant. If you don't want to wait first response can be taken with accurate results as far as 5 days
Correction: Irregular cycles...not irregular periods the problem with irregular periods is pin pointing when ovulation happens.  A woman is only fertile about 5 days of her cycle (three days prior...
no you cannot get pregnant three days before your period.   I am not entirely sure what you mean by the rest of your question.  Could you rephrase?
before a period was missed.  Both times I was pregnant, I simply knew.  for each pregnancy, I also got a negative...(: And I will let you know what my symptoms other than missing my period. I haven't...

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Symptoms ... l pregnancy. They include: missed period, tiredness, ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... e detected in the woman's blood and urine even before the first missed period. It is this hormone that is meas ... » Read on