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Bruce S. San Carlos, California
ACHS Portland, Oregon
Dorene Petersen, President and Founder of the American College of Healthcare Sciences, holds a... More
Mishl54 Eveleth, Minnesota
Not too much to tell. I'm overweight, not alot, but BMI is high. Diabetes and heart disease runs... More
Theresa Manchester, UK
Hello! My name is Theresa and I have a gastric band! I was banded on 15th November 2008 with... More
Alice K. Stanford, California

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me if you have more questions, I am knowledgeable in this subject. Take care. Hollie, BMI is a tricky thing... to name one group) can have relatively higher BMI's but be in terrific shape and not overweight...
I will make this answer simple, you underweight.  Your Bmi is 16.4, under is <18.5... make this a simple answer, your BMI is 16.4, which is underweight.   according to the BMI charts that I am studying...
My ulna's BMI by Laura Patient Expert at and above the 18 BMI"larger." Larger than what? My ulna? The fashion industry is balking at a minimum standard of 18, which is 1/2 a BMI point BELOW the definition of "underweight." A 1/2 point less...
Diagnosis: period by Carrie A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven get older. My very well researched slightly random opinion is that menstruation is better established once women hit 20 and older. Which means that it takes more damage to the body before menstruation ceases...
measurement to determine your body mass index (BMI).  Most likely, your physician will order a (transvaginal...
If Being An Overweight Person Is Pathological, What Then? by Doctor of Philosophy What do you call: 1. a period during which there is an improvement of sufficient magnitude that you no longer have a major problem with your weight, but you still have some more weight to lose. 2. a period during which y
Can Sitting Long Periods Cause a Disc Herniation? by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty hours per day with minimum breaks, working under intense are at risk...
Health Headlines - January 21 by Meredy Registered NurseHealth Maven . Guidelines currently recommend the minimum amount of physical activity, but don't suggest people limit...
Menopause Takes Away More than Your Period by Marci L. Healthy Living Professional a minimum of three times per week.  Not only will you be heart healthy, you’ll...
I think they're missing the point by Carrie A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven One of the major criteria for diagnosing anorexia is amenorrhea - the absence of menstruation.... And that something usually has to do with an inadequate amount of fat on your body. Fat signals an appropriate energy reserve. Since menstruation takes...

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Prevention The risk of coronary thrombosis (leading to heart attacks) and thrombosis of brain ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... mild or severe your condition is. Weight and BMI Your doctor may check your weight. If some ... » Read on